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Opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick, second from left, leaves the Central Police Station in Kingstown on Thursday, July 11, 2013, in the company of her lawyers and Vice-President of the New Democratic Party, St. Clair Leacock, left. (IWN photo)
Opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick, second from left, leaves the Central Police Station in Kingstown on Thursday, July 11, 2013, in the company of her lawyers and Vice-President of the New Democratic Party, St. Clair Leacock, left. (IWN photo)

Opposition Senator, Vynnette Frederick was, Thursday afternoon, slapped with nine charges hours after the court dismissed six charges against her.

Frederick was granted bail at the Central Police Station in Kingstown around 5 p.m. Thursday and is scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

Trinidadian Keith Scotland, one of Frederick’s attorneys, said nine charges were proffered, but did not detail them.

“We wouldn’t want to speak too much about the charges because they are now before the court,” he told I-Witness News shortly after Frederick was released on Thursday.

Andrew Pilgrim, QC, a Barbadian, who is also a member of the defence team, however said, “We could say they are alarmingly similar to those that were before the court before.”

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“And that is all we would say in respect of the charges at this point in time,” Pilgrim further stated, adding, “… we have reserved further comment because the matters are now before the court, sub judice as we say, and we have to be circumspect with what we say about these matters.”

I-Witness News understands that Frederick was charged with making false declarations, swearing falsely, and fabricating evidence.

The six charges dismissed on Thursday relate to evidence that Frederick submitted as part of private complaint against Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves after the December 2010 general elections.

Those matters were thrown out and in September 2012, Frederick was charged “that on

January 10, 2011, at Kingstown, she did make a false declaration before Sonya Young, a magistrate, a person authorised to take a declaration upon a matter of public concern, under circumstances that the false declaration, if committed in a judicial proceeding, would amount to perjury”.

Frederick, an attorney and former candidate for the NDP, was also charged with making false declarations on June 16, 2011 and May 23, 2012 before Faye James.

On Feb. 15, 2013, three counts of swearing falsely before Sonya Young and Faye James were brought against the senator.

But Magistrate Rickie Burnett, sitting at the Kingstown Magistrates’ Court, has upheld an April 2013 defence submission that the six charges against the senator lacked details and particulars.

He dismissed the matter and told Frederick she was free to go.

But police arrested the senator about three hours later in a restaurant in Kingstown, where she was having lunch with her attorneys, relatives, and members of the New Democratic Party (NDP), including party president, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace.

Senator Vynnette Frederick, centre, with lawyers Keith Scotland, left, and Andrew Pilgrim after her release on Thursday, July 11, 2013. (IWN photo)
Senator Vynnette Frederick, centre, with lawyers Keith Scotland, left, and Andrew Pilgrim after her release on Thursday, July 11, 2013. (IWN photo)

Scotland, recounting the arrest of Frederick, said that while they were having lunch, a group of police officers, “came into the establishment and demanded that Frederick accompany them to the Central Police Station, without identifying themselves initially, without producing any warrant issued from the High Court for her arrest, or any document whatsoever from any court.

“Eventually, an inspector identified himself via his identification card, but the short of the long is they then forcibly took Miss Frederick down to the Central Police Station and nine charges were now proffered against her,” Scotland said.

Frederick, speaking during the same interview, said she did not have “any comment at this time” regarding the charges against her.

Asked about her encounter with the police, she said, “We live in a police state”.

She, however, did not elaborate on the reason for her comment.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament of Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock, who is also a vice-president of the NDP, told I-Witness News in the same interview that he was “shocked by the events of today”.

He noted that during the trial there were hearings in Kingstown, Marriaqua, Biabou, Georgetown then Kingstown again.

“… So we have in fact completed the circle but I really didn’t understand that we were on the way to witnessing a circus,” he told I-Witness News.

“So I was elated when that matter was thrown out by the magistrate, having carefully studied the presentation of learned counsel. And when I heard later on that Miss Frederick was being pursued by the police and in fact had been arrested, I was not just surprised, but horrified,” Leacock said.

“There has been an on-going concern about the extent to which justice really prevails in St. Vincent and that explains why Senator Frederick is referring to us as perhaps being in a police state — rather strong language,” he further stated.

“But one gets the impression that she is being harassed and clearly there must have been a plan B with respect to today’s activities. That is, this matter is going to go before the court, we are not likely to be able to stand based on the evidence before the court, but Vynnette Frederick will not get away, we will add additional charges, amend those that were there before and we will have our day. I think that is the outcome,” Leacock said.

And, Opposition Leader, Arnhim Eustace, speaking to I-Witness News separately, said six of the charges brought against Frederick “are the same charges — they changed a few words in them and three are new charges…

“I just get more of a feeling that this is a police state. The magistrate made his position very clear this morning,” Eustace said shortly after leaving the Central Police Station.

“I really don’t know. The magistrate was very clear. He said there was no justification; there were no particulars to justify the cases,” he said of the initial cases.

Meanwhile, Pilgrim told I-Witness News that the dismissal of the charges Thursday morning should be comforting to Vincentians.

“The people of St. Vincent should feel happy that their judiciary is not sleeping and that the decision, as given today by the senior magistrate, is extremely well reasoned and I was extremely impressed by his scholarship and his courage in giving that decision,” the Barbadian attorney said.

(Watch video below of Frederick being arrested)

22 replies on “Senator rearrested, slapped with 9 charges hours after court dismissed cases against her”

    1. If we are to start arresting people only for being too “disrespectful and rude”, none other than our GENIUS of Debt, Destruction, Disorder & Disrespect should be the first to be charged.

  1. Wilmoth Aberdeen says:

    The harassment and frequent arrest of opposition Sen.Vynnette Frederick – on trump up charges, by P.M. Gonsalves must stop !The current make up of the Vincentian Parliament is :(8)ruling,and (7)opposition.We call on any member of the UPL to man-up…and cross the Parliamentary floor right now.The People of SVG would thank, and support you.We must quickly show the Dictator of Justice,and (everything else)… the political door !The People of SVG are simply fed-up of Ralph Gonsalves and his Imperial and racist policies,against our strong Vincentian women.

  2. About 5 SSU & 5 police to arrest one person on charges that were just dismissed 3 hours prior……guess this is another Master Stroke by the GENIUS of Debt, Destruction, Disorder & Disrespect.

    How many persons have stolen government department and have yet to see a law enforcement officer at their door, instead they get “transferred” or allowed to sell family land to pay it back.
    How many ministers of government in the last 12 years have amassed assets significantly greater than their documented earnings but yet to see the law at their door.

    Guess this is just a distraction so we can stop talking about:
    – The never ending airport
    – The port police
    – The irrigation workers,
    – The 8 year child that got a STD from her police father who still on vacation but the police department cant say when he’s returning to work.
    – The customs officer killed in Union Island over soap powder
    – The insider trading with Building & Loan
    – The census that was done twice but yet to be made public cause it would only show the voters list is worst that we imagined.

    The man is a GENIUS yes, of impression himself, addressing no real national issue, fixing no real problem, building useless structures, embarrassing the country and it’s people, and confusing himself attempting to use words half as big as his belly.

    If Apple only knew what new level of low the word GENIUS now represents in St Vincent they might just stop calling their staff Apple Genius.

  3. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    Ok, I think I have an understanding of this arrest from what is written in this article. I can only assume the DPP did his homework and amend the charges to reflect those details and particulars that were lacking, in anticipation that the current charges were going to be dismissed.

    Now I am curious as to whether Ms Frederick a lawyer herself and her legal team,were unaware that these new charges were coming? I guess time will tell. But from the antics in this video, it would appear that Ms Frederick and her legal team were surprised by the turn of events…Then again, why will Ms Frederick be surprise, given the DPP proclivities to PUT HER FINE ARSE IN JAIL. Or was this all an act on the part of Ms Frederick? I am curious that the police knew exactly where Ms Frederick was having lunch,did she tell them her whereabouts? And what with this big fuss for identification and warrant..really? A warrant? Somebody mekking jokes.I can bet my last dollar that Ms Frederick and her legal team are fully aware that the police do not need a warrant to arrest you. And why so many officers for one unarmed lady? Were they expecting some sort of resistance? This arrest feels so staged, I feel like I am watching a rerun episode of punk’d.

    I wonder also,given the seemingly never ending of charges, if Ms Frederick and her legal team ever consider making some sort of plea deal with the DPP and get this nonsense over and done. But I suspect there’s a whole lot of personal pride and animus taking place and no one wants to back down for fear of losing face. I would hate to see Ms Frederick go to jail for even 1 minute. By the way, does double jeopardy apply here, mm…any legal scholar out there? LOL

  4. This reminds me of the Cato era. It takes a Labour Government to do this they have always been suppresive and represssive to people of this island. We might just have a re-invention of the bill they was trying to pass about if a police suspect you of thinking…….or they might just stop you from walking in 3s. This is frightening situation developing in this country.

  5. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    What is of concern to me, there seem to be no attempt to extend any sort of professional courtesy to Ms Frederick as a member of the legal fraternity. These arrests appear as some personal vendetta, with the DPP seemingly hellbent in embarrassing Ms Frederick every chance he gets. Why not contact Ms Frederick’s legal team and ask them to bring her to the police station and then take her into custody? Why all these arrests in public space?

    While I understand the emotional utterances of folks,I do not think these charges are “malicious” or “trumped up”.
    Overreaching? Definitely! I have been following the cases of Ms Frederick and I think some of these charges may not pass the test of rigor in a court of law. On the other hand, there are a couple of charges that may uphold in a court of law and these are serious enough to put her in jail. I believe, Ms Frederick should really consider some sort of plea deal, if she hasn’t done so, and get her personal and professional life back in order as soon as possible.

  6. Vincy Bermy says:

    Why so many of you seeing from one side of your faces. If you broke the law you must be prosecuted. Vynette is not above no law. Is she the first person being rearrested after matters were deposed of by a Magistrate on technicality.
    When she displayed her lack of respect for others you all sit by and laugh. She is a very bad example of a member of parliament. Andrew Pilgrim and Keith Scotland only commenting for commenting sake. Are they getting paid. Yes so they have to say some thing. Who they think they fooling. They know the law and they know that the police do not need a warrant to arrest that bad example of a senator.
    If was ever into politics VYNETTE FREDERICK would be my last pick to represent me. […] Once you swear to a document and it is laid before the court and you know that the facts are untrue you commit perjury. laying before the courts could be as simple and swearing before a court appointed judiciary officer, “magistrate. Justice of the Peace etc. Be honest in your comments, not one sided. Leacock really seeing SVG as a police state. be careful sir. What you asked for you might get and the consequences might not be pretty.

    My peace.

  7. Franklyn Graham says:

    Some of the same police officers that went to arrest Fredrick’s are bigger criminals, call names and I go whistle.

  8. Wow! And I thought the NSA controlled US police state was the only one I had to worry about. I was thinking of retiring to SVG but India seems like a more democratic country after reading about stuff like this. I just don’t see how one can make being disrespectful a crime. Talk about a country going backwards.

  9. All those who were first to say the chicken back juice story “made to country look bad”, let’s just see how much of these same persons can tell us how this now doesn’t make the county look bad or scare away investors and visitors.

  10. @ Vincy Bermy, dude in any democratically ran country, the only time the police is required to produce an arrest warrant, is if you blatantly commit a crime in front of the officer(s). The police is required by law, to identify themselves if not uniformed as one.
    It’s clear you don’t like miss Frederick but, be non-judgemental when deciding wrong and right.

  11. I firmly believe that Vynnette Frederick was re-arrested in this particular way for political reasons.

    The police turned up in what may be considered a large number. This young lady is a Senator in parliament, the is an attorney and a member of the Bar Association and an Officer of the Court. There is no possibility of her running or resisting legally instituted arrest. There is no possibility of her offering violence or of using a gun or weapon. Why? therefore would a bunch of armed special squad SSU officers, dressed in jungle warfare fatigues, be required to attend her arrest with detectives, why? I am told that all SSU officers always carry a gun in a hip holster beneath their jungle warfare tunic when on duty.

    Why if they wanted to lay new charges on her why did they not just ask her to attend the police station in the morning, then if she didn’t turn up get a warrant from a magistrate and arrest her.

    It will be very interesting to know if among the arresting CID there was one or more officers that almost killed a youth during questioning, police officers who were convicted of a crime and then given their jobs back. Does anyone recognise these officers?

    Did the police plan this arrest, which may very well be illegal, in such a way and at a time when they hoped her solicitor would be unable to get her bail, therefore requiring her to be locked in a police cell overnight.

    Many think its an absolute disgrace, some of the up the Khyber ULP supporters support this behaviour, I wonder how they would react if the boot was on the other foot.

    Its my sincere belief its time that there is a complete overhaul of the Justice system, starting with the Minister, the DPP, the police, the magistrature, the judges, the whole lot. Why? because I believe that the whole system has been poisoned and corrupted by politicians or a politician. I also believe at this time that any member of the NDP opposition party to get fair treatment in SVG’s courts is almost impossible.

  12. Putin does this In Russia and the Chinese Government also. It’s a scare tactic, while sending a message of policing the Island, A form of showing elite power by the PM and his Intentions, if anyone cross him. We have to take into consideration the PM words. The only way any other party gets into power is when he’s dead.The Vincentian PM has an extremely ”Trojan horse”attitude.Am not against any charges, once those charges aren’t baseless and isn’t surrounded by a man whose ego seems to rule the day.Should be interesting to see the court handle this, since it appears the matter was before them already.

  13. Patrick Ferrari says:

    This is a military/police state. Not a 100%. But does it have to reach 100 for it to be?

  14. I have one question. When the DPP threw out the rape charges against the PM why wasn’t he re arrested like miss Frederick was. These charges pale in comparison to the bogus ones against Miss Frederick. Once a rapist always a rapist!! This is a person who remains a risk to the public

  15. Watching Hard says:

    Vincentians must not tolerate political persecution in any shape or form. This is political persecution. I am not a fan of Ms. Frederick but this is outrageous and intolerable. Our country has to step back from this precipice.

  16. ASBEEN, I whole heartily agree with you when you ask “When the DPP threw out the rape charges against the PM why wasn’t he re-arrested like miss Frederick was. These charges pale in comparison to the bogus ones against Miss Frederick”.


  17. Extremely concerned and disturbed by what appears for all intents and purposes to be a politically motivated campaign against Vynnette Frederick. Ms. Frederick is a fine, upstanding leader with a background that can be of continued great service to Vincentians.


    John Suarez
    Cuban Democratic Directorate

  18. wow shameful is this an attempt by the government? an unlawful arrest really? THIS”LITTLE banana republic ” is gone and it is time we as Vincentian get up and smell the coffee

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