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Sharnelle “Skarpyon” Williams reacts after his crowning at Victoria Park Sunday night.
Sharnelle “Skarpyon” Williams reacts after his crowning at Victoria Park Sunday night.
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When Sharnelle “Skarpyon” Williams was not included among the finalists selected during the Semis on June 21, some calypso lovers and many of his fans said that the judges had erred.

The artiste, who clinched the calypso crown Sunday night, told I-Witness News that he also felt that the judges had made a mistake.

“With humbleness, it had to be a mistake,” said

Skarpyon, who was included among the finalists when Ronald “Rob B” Brown opted out.

“… when I saw who were in the finals, I felt they were good calypsos but I felt my calypso was good enough to be there too.

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“And then, the simple reason that I was called back to be a part of the finals shows you that …” Skarpyon further told I-Witness News after he was crowned.

“To be honest, I believe in God and God heard my cry the night before and then in the morning, I woke up and I heard the call,” he further said.

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He also told I-Witness News that ahead of his being informed of his inclusion in the finals, one of his fans said she dreamt about the seas being rough and then calm again.

But the artiste said he did not expect that he would be king.

“Tonight, I was not expecting anything to say I am going to be the monarch. I just wanted to be happy to know that I had done a great performance and that’s it. Honestly,” he said.

By winning the crown, Skarpyon earned himself a new Nissan Skyline, compliments Coreas Hazells Inc.

“I am just realising that I won a car. I have my licence. I don’t have a car,” he said when asked what he will do with the vehicle.

He also lauded Coreas Hazells Inc. for offering a car as the cash prize for the Calypso and Soca Monarch respectively.

“I must big up Coreas for bigging up the calypsonians in terms of giving them a car … because I think persons in the art form deserve a little bit more.”

He, however, said that his motivation to win the National Calypso Monarch “was never the car.

“I always wanted to win this for my people, for my school, Evesham, for the people of Riley, the people of the Marriaqua Valley. This is my place, these people are a hundred per cent behind me, and, of course, not forgetting the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“I am telling you, I did not know I have so many fans. I keep stressing it. The love is just amazing.”

Skarpyon placed second in the Ragga Soca Monarch competition but some of his fans felt that he, instead of Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd-Reid, should have won the crown.

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“… my wife took it very hard but I try my best to remain calm and professional and take my licks and go and come again, as my second song [in the calypso competition]says, ‘dust off your shirt and come again’.

“Honestly man, right now, I am stronger from last year to this year. I am like…what else could happen that would disappoint Skarpyon. So I am really happy,” Skarpyon told I-Witness News.

His wife, Natara Williams, who was standing at his side during the interview, said she was “ extremely proud” of her husband.

“I stood there and I saw his performance and he delivered. He was clear, his voice was pristine and I was a hundred per cent proud of him and that’s all I wanted. Last night, I was extremely proud also,” she said of his performance during the Ragga Soca show.

Asked about the results, she said: “The results? We don’t have control over that. We did what we have control over — was perform and deliver for the crowd.”

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