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Can men dressed in army jungle warfare uniform, who carry no identification on their tunics or jackets, no numbers, no names, no ranks, be considered legitimate police officers? Or are they military officers? A political army, answerable only to what I consider a Marxist-led regime?

Why would such men, carrying loaded weapons by way of automatic pistols in hip holsters under their tunics be used to carry out police functions in a metropolitan city, when they are dressed for jungle warfare?

Why does St. Vincent need an armed paramilitary force, a force that frightens and brutalises Vincentian people, if not physically, certainly mentally? Clad in military uniform, sometimes carrying armed assault rifles, ready to fight a jungle war in Kingstown, what are we coming to? What has this communist led regime done to us?

According to international law, a paramilitary force is a militarised force whose function and organization are similar to those of a professional military. But in the case of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who claim they do not have an army, do not have a military, these men are not considered by the government as part of a formal armed force, so they cleverly call them police officers. They do not act like police officers and do not carry out the normal function of police officers. These men, always armed, sometime armed to the teeth, are little more than a paramilitary political police force.

Under international law, the Law of Armed Conflict, a state may incorporate a paramilitary organization or armed agency (charged with police functions) into its police forces. But why do we need such a force in SVG? We are not at war, we do not have any terrorists, we are not being attacked by a foreign power, we don’t even have home grown terrorists. We do not have armed conflict — not now and never have had. Therefore, is such a force acceptable and legal under International law?

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I raise these points, because this regime that we are living under are bent on creating fear in the people. Remember when the police raided Bryan Alexander’s Kingstown office and searched the contents of the office and its safe, supposedly looking for money laundering activity?

They surrounded the building and saturated the streets with these very same SSU officers, a paramilitary army, with officers posing as police. Men all dressed in jungle fatigue army dress, patchwork of camouflaged tunics and trousers for hiding in jungles. They raided these offices terrifying people in the streets with their big automatic assault rifles — way over the top.

Yes, I said in Kingstown, crouching behind cars and trucks, as if expecting to be attacked. And after all that display of excessive force, they found nothing, no charges, no explanations. Just a political force carrying out its political orders to cause as much panic and fear as possible, while showing the regime’s might to its opponents.

Then the same force went to the home and radio station of Douglas DeFreitas, NICE Radio, looking for a police incriminating letter which they never found. Nineteen officers all together, armed to the teeth, rude and frightening to this very nice family. Obviously sent as a political warning, because I believe they would never dare such actions without direct sanction or instructions. Again this was a show of power. A frightener, and attempt to shut the mouth of the owner of the radio station and the NDP program hosts.

There have been many minor skirmishes in Kingstown, this paramilitary force flexing their muscles, frightening and terrifying the citizens.

The latest atrocity was the arrest of Vynnette Frederick. A small lady whom I believe is hated by our prime minister, a well-spoken and articulate adversary, some one who Gonsalves in the past has publicly described as a snotty nosed girl, equated her to several types of mango’s in the most derogatory terms. He even said she went away a girl and came back a tomboy, which I believe, as a Vincentian, equates with being a lesbian.

I believe a plan was hatched to re-arrest her in the most embarrassing and public way possible. In a way that would embarrass her and her colleagues, which I can only believe to be a purposeful and flagrant breach of her human rights; total disregard of international norms and laws. Thus making a political statement.

Ms Frederick had attended court in Kingstown on charges brought by the regime and its cronies. The magistrate threw out the charges and discharged her. She went with her lawyers and the Opposition Leader, the most honourable Mr Arnhim Eustace, to lunch at a restaurant following her court appearance. Thirty minutes later whilst seated in the restaurant, detectives and a bunch of armed SSU officers in their jungle military warfare uniforms turned up and re-arrested her. It was made to be unnecessarily as public, nasty, embarrassing, and image damaging as possible. Image damaging for both her and the Honourable Opposition Leader, Mr. Eustace. It was a statement by the regime that they can do whatever they want whenever they want and there is nothing that anyone can do about it.

Why were those armed paramilitaries in what was considered an unjustified excessive number, required to arrest a slip of a girl — person of good standing, a lawyer, an officer of the court, a member of the Bar Association, a senator, with no history of violence, no history of crime or criminal activity, not considered a flight risk. Why? Why could she of not been simply requested to attend the police station the following morning.

I believe that the police and this paramilitary mongoose-gang, could never of done such a thing without direct instructions and orders from the very top. I strongly believe the orders came from Gonsalves and Colin Williams, the DPP, to be carried out at the behest then of the Chief of Police.

We need to know if any or all of these SSU officers were the ones trained at a U.S. school, or the most recently ALBA military school. Have any of these officers ever taken training in any ALBA country, including Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia home of the ALBA school, operated and controlled by Iranian presidential guards, special training classes in urban warfare and interrogation techniques?

(Even their title Special Services Unit (SSU), does not imply they are policemen, the word police is not part of their title.)

I personally claim that this force is akin to Hitlers German Gestapo, why do we need such a force. The answer is to carry out the bid and call of the ULP government’s Marxist policies. They are quite simply a political paramilitary force engaged in the act of terrifying the regime’s opponents, controlling the population through fear. Can you imagine how they and the regime could of acted and behaved like if the new constitution with its extended powers had ever been adopted in 2011?

Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has said on more than one occasion, “I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop”.

Bishop, now dead, was a lawyer and Marxist Leninist under the control of Cuba, who took over the Grenadian government by a revolutionary process in 1979. Bishop locked up thousands of Grenadians, many without trial. He locked up religious leaders, lawyers, Rastafarians, and almost any one who whispered his name. He closed down newspapers and radio stations, tapped the telephones of about the whole nation, and was instructed by his Cuban masters to get rid of the Catholic church because they were counter-revolutionary. He was instructed by his Cuban masters to keep two sets of accounts to deceive the International Monetary Fund.

What I write here in the above paragraph is public fact written from Public Records. I have made up nothing and render only the truth, according to public records available to all.

Following her re-arrest on Thursday, opposition senator, Vynnette Frederick, was slapped with nine charges relating to making false declarations, swearing falsely, and fabricating evidence, she will return to court on July 31.

(Six similar or close to being the same as she was previously acquitted, and three new charges.)

I sincerely hope that that all decent minded patriotic Vincentians make their voice heard regarding this whole debacle, and reject the legality of this Gestapo style mongoose force.

Peter Binose
Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

16 replies on “Reject St. Vincent’s Gestapo style mongoose gang”

  1. Ray Wilkins says:

    This a rubbish article by someone who has nothing better to do than play politics. Why not use your own name Peter whatever. You should ask Bryan if the Police showed him something why his office was search. Peter when was the SSU created and under which administration and where in SVG do you Police with automatic weapon. Have you ever gone to Trinidad. Peter Vynnette should have been charged for resisting arrest and it for that very reason why the SSU went there because they expected resistance. PPl like u waiting on NDP to go into office to be place on board, but wait ure turn. Ure gravy train has left the port and isn’t coming back soon. Chill man.

  2. Eric Williams says:

    Is all about instilling fear and suppressing dissent. Hitler’s Gestapo was a wing of the German Police established for political purposes only, and so is our local Gestapo(Black Squad).

    Never thought this was possible in St. Vincent, but Chancellor Rolf Gonfreidensalves have proven me wrong.

  3. Jeff Alexander says:

    Ray, you are spot on regarding Peter Whatever. The brother is so clueless and delusional that it is not funny.

    You asked for him to use his correct name but so far he is resisting.

    The correct name is Brian Alexander.

  4. RAY WILKINS, its even worse than I wrote here. People have been shot by this paramilitary force, innocent people.

    Ms Frederick was subject to an ilegal arrest procedure.

    Why no comment on the spite and malice that is being administered to Vincentian citizens, who’s only wrong is voting for the opposition party. Why can you not offer some constructive comment on the names that Gonsalves call people who he wants to discredit because they are a political threat to him and the ULP.

    Are you so far up the PM’s back side that you just refuse to see the truth, ignore wrong, support spite and malice.

    If any word that I write here is untrue, show me such, prove me a liar. Instead because of your stupidity and blind support of this scum Marxist regime you attack me. Well I am only the messenger, repeating what most people in SVG know to be true, you cant say the majority of the nation is wrong.

    Ray Wilkinson and Jeff Alexander, two new names in the cesspit. Never heard them before, so either old ULP writers using new false names or new writers using false names. Give us some evidence of who you are, because as far as I am concerned you are more of the like, more paid collaborators, selling your souls to the devil.

    I know its annoying when the truth damages the ULP and its leaders.

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  5. Just an addition, I am not a member of the NDP, I was a rank Labour supporter until the party was sold to a bunch of Marxist scum bags. The ULP is not a Labour party, its a Marxist party wearing the cloak of Labour.

  6. CAMILO, are you same heritage crap that is named after the Cuban Revolutionary of that name. Now tell daddy I said he is nasty.

  7. I cannot reveal myself when there is a ULP hierarch bounty on my head, I just don’t want to join my already assassinated brothers.

    I also warn Ms Frederick, she may also now be on the list, beware Ms. Frederick.

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  8. Peter Binose says:

    Why peter never answered the question ? when was the ssu formed ? and under which administration? why you never deny that you are brain Alexander ? and for Christ sake find a hobby are a wife. just do something meaningful with you life. everyone have the right to speak freely but you should also have the right to speak the truth

  9. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Ralph Gonsalves would have been Prime Minister today if he were in opposition before the Vynnette Fredericks second arrest.

    Peter, you said, “We are not at war …” Oh! We are not? Nice to know but according to Oxford, you’re mistaken. Oxford’s definition of war is; “Hostile contention by means of armed forces, carried out between nations, states, or rulers, or by parties in the same nation or state.” We qualify many times over. But you said it yourself when you said the Government was, “showing the regime’s might to the opponent.” Swap “hostile contention” for “might,” and “enemy” for “opponent.” Let’s face it, the NDP and its supporters are the regime’s enemy. To say otherwise is a intellectual dishonesty.

    Which brings me to the armed forces. What is the military in full combat uniform doing in a civil arrest? It is a statement. THIS IS WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. Peter, you said it over and over (but not enough), it is control by fear. History is replete with that and religion is hugely successful with it. You must love God but first, you must fear him. Huh? How can fire (the fires of hell) burn a soul? It is all about control by fear.

    Which brings me to your mention of the search on Dougie for a letter. Peter, the 19 armed military men were there to drive fear into all of us. THIS IS WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! You said that they never found the letter. They did not want the letter. IT WAS NOT ABOUT A LETTER. THE LETTER WAS RIGHT ON DOUGIE’S DESK ALL THE WHILE THEY WERE “SEARCHING.” IT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!

    Which brings me to the camouflage combat uniform. Peter said it without saying it. They wear the camouflage uniform for the very opposite reason to camouflage. The wear it not to conceal but to reveal. To be seen. For high visibility. To make sure they establish their presence and that we make no mistake about it. As Peter said, are you going to use jungle camouflage in a metropolis?

  10. HORACE WILLIAMS, don’t start your crap again, we know its you bringing your rubbish here, talking about rubbish that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. I looked at your previous stuff and the words and statements are identical. If you want to talk about the subject do so, or bugger off.

  11. FERRARI P. Your quite right, spot on with your analysis. I must say I never considered that to wear jungle warfare military camouflage fatigues and cloths in a city, doesn’t hide them, it heightens their visibility. Perhaps in the bush they will be invisible, but in the city they stick out like a sore thumb.

    I believe its a method deliberately used to cause terror and to frighten the people.

    But Patrick its even more than that, the lack of visible identification means they can do anything they want, including shootings, without being identified. So that means they want to be visible as a group, to frighten the citizens, but want to be unidentifiable as individuals to avoid prosecution, should they commit atrocities.

    We can be sure that the authorities are aware that using the camouflaged military jungle warfare uniforms in the city frightens people, the SSU look like military terrorists from Africa, but I suppose that is exactly what they are meant to look like. Tearing around Kingstown in the back of pickup trucks, unloading in a great heaving mass to give effect, and waving their automatic assault rifle about.


    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  12. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Yes Peter, is who hit Ipa? He couldn’t identify the slapper for the reasons you mentioned. No case, your Honour. The question wasn’t the slap, you know. The question was WHO!

    Ultimately, police are trained not to hit; they are trained for civil duties. They do not have enemies. The military training, on the other hand, is to hit. And not to waste time with it. They are trained to fight. They only have enemies.

    So yes, that is why the government parade their military in their high-visibility camouflage fatigues (an oxymoron if there ever was one) with assault rifles in the open back of their pick-ups so you can see them good.

    When the port police go to meetings whom do you think they send to do their duties? Regular police? No! Why waste a good opportunity to top up the mental fear. They send the fully armed Rapid Response – rapid response you know. Guns and backpacks and I often wonder what is in the Backpack. Hand grenades?

    Another thing Peter keeps mentioning is that show of force on Vynnette cannot go on without Ralph’s say-so. Of course it cannot – and I’ve heard his denial on You Tube. They would not dare do something of that magnitude without his approval.



    Whilst in a bar in Leyou recently I overheard a conversation where two men claimed there were Spanish speaking men among the leaders, speaking Spanish between themselves, and English with a strong Spanish accent to the men. Is that possible?

    Are there any Venezuelans or Cubans in Gonsalves protection squad.

    Who are the Cubans at the house at Frenches, and what is their status?
    Manageress, chef, cook, sales, please list if you know, I need confirmation of my own information.

    How many Cubans have we now got working in our ministries.

    FERARRI P, I love that word oxymoron, it reminds me of a certain fat man who is an oxlikemoron.

    With regards to slapping people, that shows the quality of these military men, they refuse to own up or be charged. It make two things positive, one they should have clear identification name tags on their tunic fronts, and police across their backs in big letter, two they are unfit to be called members of our police force because by refuseing to identify themselves are unfit morally. Its no good anyone saying they don’t slap people, because yes they do.

    Anyone out there know who are the Cubans at the house at Frenches, and what is their status?
    Manageress, chef, cook, sales, please list if you know, I need confirmation of my own information.

    How many Cubans have we now got working in our ministries.

    What is really worrying is that all sections of the police force are using violance, especialy the plain cloths CID, beatings in the interview room resulting in obtaining incriminating statements, can only be described as torture, its now common place standard procedure in SVG.

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  14. As I’ve said before,Ralph Gonsalves is a disciple of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a Satan worshiper and a puppet of the Illuminati. Like most 19th century Satanists, he hid his satanism behind atheism. Don’t take my word for it, google ”Marx and Satan” or order the book by the same title. Please, order as many of these books and get it out to the public. It’s an easy read.

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