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The views expressed herein are those of the writer and do not represent the opinions or editorial position of I-Witness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected]

Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, is heading for Cuba, home of his ideologist views of planet earth painted red. His love for the Cuban Revolution is important to him, but means nothing to most Vincentians, because they do not share the Marxist ideology of Gonsalves.

The celebration has been held on July 26 every year, since 1953, when the rebels led by the Castro brothers unsuccessfully attacked the Moncada Barracks in Santiago — a date that the Cubans recognise as the beginning of the glorious Revolution.

Seeing as we Vincentians are not communists and we are not Marxist’s nor Marxist-Leninists, the majority of us find the communist overthrow of a country by revolution an aberration.  We also consider an aberration subsequent iron fist ruling of that country by so called Marxist dictators, by the way of the Castro brothers, Fidel and Raul, or whatever their extended real time names are.

Who is paying the bill for Gonsalves, perhaps his family and an entourage, to travel and lodge? Who will pay? I hope it’s not the State of SVG. We should not be paying for his personal beliefs, and ideological views. Let him pay for himself and his group — perhaps even put it to the people, see what they say about it.

If we analyse what the Cubans have brought to us, it’s been a drain on our country and nothing but financial distress to the people. The Cubans love to clothe themselves as do-gooders, bringing eye-surgery and eye repair that has long been available from the superior American doctors. But again, because of the ideology involved, the inferior Cuban route was adopted.

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In fact, most of the communist scum from the Caribbean and elsewhere will attend the celebrations on July 26.

Cuba, and Gonsalves love for their communist system, and his unwavering ideology that joins him at the hip with the Cuban Communist Party, has been the nail in the coffin for SVG, bringing us closer to bankruptcy than the country has ever been since or prior to independence.

For the sake of Gonsalves’ ideology, we have been employing Cubans at the airport, when Vincentians could do any job as well or better than them. This action has taken money from the Vincentian people, stopped a circulation of money in St. Vincent’s shops and stores and brought our banking system to its knees. Because of the shortage of work, Vincentians have been unable to pay their mortgages, causing a drain on our financial institutions.

With his battle cry “I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop” (Bishop is the dead Cuban backed Grenadian Marxist revolutionary), Gonsalves has tried to lead SVG into the mental and physical compound of communist rule by joining us with ALBA. ALBA is an association of all the Caribbean and South American Marxist orientated leaders, a group of men that any decent citizen of the world would reject.

Remember the Castro’s came to power by murdering thousands of Cubans, a slaughter of all who apposed them. They even slaughtered those who may appose them at some time in the future. By Gonsalves going to Cuba for these celebrations, he is condoning the mass murder and ensuing Marxist filth that the Cuban people have had to endure for 60 years.

The Castros are among the world’s most wealthy men. The Cuban people are among the world’s poorest.

Cuba has for years tried to install communist rule all over the Caribbean and South America and parts of Africa. They have given aid to terrorists, which call themselves freedom fighters, including financial aid and military aid in training and weapons.

Now the ALBA has its own military school in Bolivia where the members’ citizens are being trained in urban warfare and how to overthrow their legitimate governments. Many young students in target countries had their minds, addled and corrupted, even stolen, by the Cuban cancer of communism that they have tried to spread. Some of the leaders of the ALBA countries are in fact the product of such Cuban indoctrination, induction and minds addled with ultra socialist filth.

Now they have been caught shipping missile systems to North Korea, a state that is a threat to the whole world. Cuba shipped a series of weapons to North Korea hidden under a shipload of sacks of brown sugar. They were caught by the vigilant eye of the Panamanians when a North Korean ship tried to pass through the Panama canal with this undeclared shipment.

Mr. Gonsalves will perhaps give us his opinion on such an act. Should we just punish North Korea and Cuba, or should we also punish ALBA and its members? Going to the celebration on July 26 encourages and gives the Cubans comfort to act in this way.

And then ALBA members and the non-aligned countries such as Iran and Venezuela, try and get the United States to lift its embargo against Cuba, when it’s very obvious by this missile matter that they need more and a wider spread of banned items, perhaps even among ALBA members. It’s very obvious that like most rogue states, Cuba cannot be trusted one inch.

How much illegal stuff will pass through our new airport when it is open? What a nice refuelling location in the scheme of things.


Peter Binose
Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

12 replies on “Celebrating the birth of a dictatorship”

  1. jomo Thomas says:

    I have not read such anti communist diatribe since the 70s and 80s.. Let the superior Americans provide the medical and eye care which Cubans bave given. Many of the persons treated in Cuba might have delightes in landing on American soil.. Sadly there is no such volume of medical care coming from the American government..

  2. Peter, the people of St. Vincent elected Dr Ralph as thei leader three consecutive term. By doing so, they endorse his views and philosophies, so my suggestion to you is to go and get a life and stop pulling down the comrade

  3. Well the big guns by way of a midget has decided to enter the fray. Welcome JOMO THOMAS. Cuban doctors are the worst in the world, their credentials are only accepted in like minded countries. THOMAS people like you have kept the red flag flying and its now culminated in ALBA, a group of men and countries who have disgusting communistic values. You are real quick to join the boat loaded with goodies, joining all these quangos and committees and I suspect taking the taxpayers money.

    If you really love Gonsalves so much ask him if you can park your head in the space where several motorcycles can park, you know, where the sun doesn’t shine.

    Eye surgery, also known as ocular surgery, is surgery performed on the eye or its adnexa, typically by an ophthalmologist. The eye is a fragile organ, and requires extreme care before, during, and after a surgical procedure. An expert eye surgeon is responsible for selecting the appropriate surgical procedure for the patient, and for taking the necessary safety precautions.

    The Americans ophthalmologists are superior to the Cubans in everyway, training, skills, equipment. They have a ship that tours the world and they would come here, but we prefer for the good of crap ideology, the inferior Cuban treatment. By the way there are hundred of patients that have ended up blind after the Cuban eye surgery, and that fact, not fiction.
    Increasing numbers of American and European surgeons are volunteering to go on short-term medical mission trips to African and Asian countries. They are motivated by genuine humanitarian concerns.
    Non-governmental American organizations operate white-hulled “mercy ships” that operate in the waters off developing countries providing medical care to those in need. The ships do not bear red crosses but in other respects appear similar to military medical ships. The Second Geneva Convention and Additional Protocol I made provisions for hospital ships owned or operated by neutral states, private citizens, officially recognized relief societies, and impartial international humanitarian organizations [Geneva II, articles 24-25, p. 231, and Additional Protocol I, article 22(2)]. One of the primary conditions for such ships to receive the same protections as military hospital ships is that they have to be made available to or under the control of a state party to the conflict. The presence of hospital ships not under the control of a party to the conflict would certainly complicate the targeting solution if they operate in waters near belligerent activities.

    So Sanga, my head banger Pygmy friend, why not just stick to your law practice, stop poking your nose where it is not respected and try and be a Marxist and communist hater like me. You will sleep much sounder knowing your at last a do-gooder in the nicest of terms. Imagine the transformation, from a little big man, to a big little man.

  4. OBSERVER, try not to post here when your drunk, it makes you write crap and believe your a communist supporter. Tomorrow you will wake up and realise that you wrote a whole lot of crap, full of spelling mistakes.

  5. Wilmoth Aberdeen says:

    Ralph Gonsalves was never directly elected Prime Minister by the People of SVG.There is not such thing as direct election of a P.M. in West minister style Government.Ralph Gonsalves was elected to the SVG Parliament (by his 1500 Central Windward constituents)-No citizen from Marriaqua,Kingstown or Barroullie ever voted for Ralph Gonsalves.The leader of a Political Party with the most seats in Parliament becomes the P.M. He/she is selected, or rejected as Party leader only by his Party’s internal Politics.

  6. OBSERVER, you must also understand that many ignorant people voted ULP because they were bribed to do so. Given lumber cement and galvanise, some given sheep and chickens, even $100 notes in envelopes, and a supply of strong rum. This happened right up to 4 am on the morning of voting day. Paying the return airfares for many of those from the Diaspora that come home to vote for ULP, albeit they should not be on the voting list because they had not lived in SVG for six months continually prior to voting, those are people who I call dirty voters.

    This a filthy regime that thrives on lies and dirty politics.

    Are you one of the dirty OBSERVER?

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  7. Allegra :

    This is the time for gobalized politics not antiquated and small minded politics from some rusty old ” Binose whistle.” who just looking for a free meal.

  8. The man you were named after, Jomo Kenyatta, didn’t even use his real name, he was born Kamau wa Ngengi.

    I would dump JOMO as a name, least people think you think Kamau wa Ngengi, was a great guy.

    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  9. Maxwell Haywood says:

    I am shocked at this anti-communist diatribe in 2013. I am also shocked at the way in which Peter refers to Jomo Thomas in a very inhumane way. I thought Peter was above that. Very toxic indeed!

  10. MAXWELL HAYWOOD, the communist problem needs frequently venting, because it is just that a PROBLEM. There are old time Marxists coming out of the woodwork. Using the old communist terminology “anti communist diatribe” which just doesn’t wash. SVG has been wrecked during the last thirteen years by the left wing uprising under this current regime.

    This regime has wrecked our way of life and created a new pauper class in SVG.

    The current quangos and committees are riddled with these old time communists who are being treated to serve in odd places in support of the current governments rubbish that I believe is designed to take the publics eye off the ball and what is really happening.

    It could well be payback time for the old time communists, they perhaps do not see it as that. But certainly some of the ULP leaders would.

    Just look at what happened with the Kingstown central car park. Taken from the business people of the town and awarded to a company run by some old time reds and called ‘SOLIDARITY INC’. A name created for this company to reflect the way it was given over, and as a slap in the face of Kingstown’s business people.

    Then people who speak out are called all sorts of nasty names like “worthless dirty dog” and almost anything in an attempt to destroy their image and good standing.

    I am sorry JOMO THOMAS if I caused you distress or offence, but you really have to consider the past as well as the future when working on committees for this nasty regime.

    If you want to support what we all want to rid ourselves of, I suppose that is your prerogative.

    HAYWOOD, perhaps you are part of our problems, or perhaps you are just so silly you don’t realise what is happening in SVG.

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