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Regional airline LIAT says it is taking “urgent and decisive steps” to address a series of challenges that have resulted in numerous flight delays and cancellations over the past few weeks.

In a statement on Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LIAT, Ian Brunton apologised for the inconvenience caused to the airline’s customers and sought to assure those being affected that every effort is being made to get them to their various destinations safely and as quickly as possible.

He said LIAT is implementing both short and long-term fixes to alleviate the problems which have resulted in a severe strain on the airline’s operations.

“The disruptions being faced by LIAT at this time are caused by a combination of factors. These include, among other things, an increase in unscheduled maintenance at a time when our schedule calls for maximum aircraft availability; crew shortages; bad weather; airport limitations; and delays in obtaining licences for operating our new ATR aircraft in some territories,” Brunton said.

“As a result of Tropical Storm Chantal we were forced to cancel 30 flights on July 9. Additionally, strong surface winds have been affecting our flights into and out of St. Vincent while unfavourable weather conditions have affected flights to and from Dominica.

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“Airport limitations such as early closure of the V.C. Bird International Airport in Antigua due to runway works, the late opening of the airport in Guadeloupe, and runway lights not working at the airport in St. Kitts, have all helped to contribute to the current disruptive situation in our operation,” Brunton further stated.

The months of July and August are usually two of the busiest for LIAT with high volumes of vacationers and other people making trips during the summer but Brunton said due to the current challenges the airline has been unable to transport several customers to their various destinations in a timely manner.

“In light of the current challenges, I would like to appeal to our customers for their continued patience and understanding and assure you that we are doing all we can to return to normalcy in the shortest possible time,” Brunton said.

Brunton also thanked the staff throughout the LIAT network who have come under tremendous pressure in recent times, especially those employees on the frontline who have been faced with the challenges of handling the disruptions.

9 replies on “LIAT apologises for delays and cancellations”

  1. Jennifer Eustace says:

    Liat needs to apologize for calling in the police when persons who had been waiting for hours without information for non existing flights demanded such information. The abuse of the monopoly continues. In any other part of the world such behaviour would have been unacceptable and roundly condemned. jen.

  2. Excuses and more crap excuses from what is rapidly becoming one of the Worlds worst airlines, just behind Conviasa Air, our new flag carrying airline from Venezuela. Every day I here of a new attrocity committed by LIAT, excuses are just worthless words in the case of LIAT

    Like our crap politicians we have a crap airline, we should get rid of them both. We have a country led by liars, or at least one liar that we really know of, I am sure that LIAT has lied to us in the past as well.

  3. As usual LIAT find someone else or somewhere else to blame …And as to the front line staff they need to fired all of them. They are the most incompetent heartless bunch of people I have ever encountered…smh

  4. Teacherfang (@Llijame) says:

    Incompetence run amok in management of LIAT;that’s the reason for all these excuses from the so called #1 Regional Airline. And to make matters worse, this incompetence is ardently supported by Regional Leaders;with our our PM Dr Ralph Gonsalves, being the head cheerleader.

    A case in point, is the recent kerfuffle over a letter that went viral across social media,outlining the many shortcomings of LIAT. The response to that letter from LIAT, can only now be described as a “Weiner”. This lapse in judgement was noticed by every fifth grader on the planet but our resident head cheerleader,begs to differ;in his own words,“I think Leesa handled it quite well,”(Leesa Parris-Rudder, LIAT’s Director of Commercial & Customer Experience)

    I rest my case. LIAT-we like it so.

  5. Its amazing how the CEO is apologising and making excuses relating to issues that they may not have control over. ( airport closures, weather etc ) What about CUSTOMER SERVICE ( OR LACK THEREOF ). Over the years we have complained about the “experiences” in Barbados. I must say this last experience right here in St. Vincent has left a SOUR taste. Imagine in a crisis situation, management choose to turn up for work well after 9.00 am. This may be their normal work time, but the frontline staff could have well use some assistance from senior staff. This only make the frontline staff behave even more rude to passengers, some who were waiting for flights since the day before. To compound matters, no positive communications were given as relates to the availability of an aircraft. This was worst than waiting on a MINI-VAN, when you not sure where on the road it is. I know LIAT is aware of the location of their planes at all times. They prevented passengers from seeking alternate carriers ( SVG Air etc ) by not saying definitely that they not flying into Barbados. I think the plan was to force passengers to remain in SVG so as not to pay for their accomodation when they get to Barbados late and miss the connecting flight. After all this frustration, they saw it fit to call in SSU soldiers to intimidate passengers…..

  6. MR FERRARI, are you reading this? here is another case of the Mongoose Gang Goons, turning up at the airport, armed as always, in their camaflouged jungle warfare uniform, called by LIAT to frighten the passengers.

    People I want to ask you to take photo’s any time these Goons turn up anywhere and send them to Mr Chance, he will know how to sort out what is going on and write about it. Mr Chance if you don’t want them please send them on to me.

    Do we need to replace LIAT when the Government changes, or should we at least get them under proper control.

  7. It would be most interesting to know who advised LIAT to liaise with the SSU Mongoose Gang Goons, in their camouflaged jungle warfare uniform. It would also be interesting to know who instructed the SSU Mongoose Gang Goons to help LIAT any time they called them. There are proper police officers at the airport who can always call for backing. Who arranged this liaison between the parties, I am sure it just didn’t happen. Because the fat man would be raving mad if this came to light and he knew nothing about it. We know who arranged for the Black Squad to be at Buccament with their dogs, remember that, when workers went to the office and demanded their unpaid wages, they were met by the very aggressive Black Squad, with big guns, big dogs and jackboots. Vincentian police assisting a private company manned by foreigners, helping them to avoid paying their employees and contractors.

    So who was behind use of the Goons at the airport. Was it Mr LIAT alias ‘The Subsidy Kid?’

    This armed confrontation has got to stop, these people need to be disbanded, or used only in the mountains where they can meet their match. Remember this is the squad who’s motto is “ WE WILL HUNT THEM DOWN UNTIL THEY EXIST NO MORE”.

    We must stop using this force in towns, villages, Kingstown, our airports, and shipping ports. Can you imagine the damage that it inflicts on our tourist industry when tourist witness this squad of men and women SSU Mongoose Gang Goons, in their camouflaged jungle warfare uniform, side arms and sometimes big automatic multi round rifles. Uniformed bullies, threatening our citizens. We are a little island state, not CUBA.


    Peter Binose
    Self-appointed keeper of the whistle

  8. Communicate with your passengers! let them know what is going on at the time. they have booked their tickets to travel at times that benefit them, not to show up at the airport and be told your flight wont be leaving 3 or more hours after, there are other flights that are being connected to.

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