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Lawyer, Parnell R. Campbell, QC, opined on his TV show — “The Law And You” — that Senator Vynnette Frederick’s latest arrest was conducted in a manner best “reserve[d] for terrorists”. Can I get an AMEN from the Resident ULP apologist on here.

I would not put it pass the ULP members and supporters, that this is exactly how they view Ms Frederick’s fiery outspokenness, as her mother so eloquently stated a few nights ago on the rostrum.

It is through their sycophantic prism and tinted perspective of politics in Vincyland that in their estimation she is the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of Vincyland. A “snotty nose gal” who dare to stand up against their Dear Leader, Ralph Gonsalves — who got “tun ova” on several occasions over the years by this gal.

With vengeance and malice in their heart, the ULP acolytes have devised their own brand of payback with these nine charges filed by an over-zealous DPP. By his own admission, the merchant of Vincy politics, Julian Francis, sees this as the perfect opportunity to collect a pound of flesh on behalf of his master, and no amount of public outrage is going to stop these of band of sycophants and zealots from claiming the scalp of V.

If these are acts that deem you a “terrorist”, then by all means, ALL VINCENTIANS SHOULD BECOME A TERRORIST.

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Here are NINE acts of “terrorism” carried out by V:

1. “My ambition therefore is to be a real standard bearer for the youngster who wants to contribute and hopefully make a difference in shaping how our politics changes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

2. “(Vincentians) are fed up of not being able to make ends meet and add to this environment a practice of flowery talk with no action and that does not bode well for the people who want and deserve to have their concerns heard and responded to,”

3. “While the government panics about where to find the money to pay salaries this end of month, while it sinks under a large deficit budget where the dance can’t pay for the light and where the budget that they presented is largely not possible to implement, to suggest that they are doing great things for our development is to choose to live in a bubble of rhetoric”.

4. “The attack on the rights of the people of our nation to secure the government with its one-seat majority in the Parliament is unacceptable; the removal of the right to private access to the court; the empowerment of the DPP and the attempt to legalise gutter politics and decriminalise the offences under the Representation of the People’s Act which the Government may have committed during the last election, is an affront to good government and an assault on the rule of law in this country”.

5. “Mr. Prime Minister, you have decided to hide behind a letter, and to hide behind me, with the hope that the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will somehow stop asking you for the reasons for your decision to free Mr. Lawrence. But understand Prime Minister the feeling of the People is that you are arrogant and you have handled this matter with incompetence and contempt…. Answer the People without contempt, without arrogance and without a partisan slant to your function as Prime Minister. Answer them absolutely without compromising national security.”

6. “Universal access to education has spawned a number of chronic problems such as spiking dropout rates and the quality of student we put out there in the workforce. And, there is drain on teacher resources and capacity so that it is not the resounding success it could and should be. Without money to spend a ULP administration can do nothing more than declare its brilliance while those in the trenches of this so-called revolution indicate that all is not well and that in the long run our students are the ones who suffer. For those who have benefitted they have unemployment to look forward to after they graduate”.

7. “Have we become so accustomed to this standard that it seems normal? Our Prime Minister is an alleged RAPIST… Is this OK with our society? our women? our men? How could he go around with that hanging over his head? Have we over [the] years been conditioned into thinking this was something normal that happened?

It’s funny, but what was once a headline — ‘PRIME MINISTER ACCUSED OF RAPE’ — has been slowly turning into a by-line in this country. An allegation is levelled against the sitting Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines that he raped a policewoman. We heard the Police Force waffle, we heard the DPP perform and basically the charge died soon after being laid. The Prime Minister responded with the rape rally in which women, including Rene Baptiste and Girlyn Miguel, stood by his side in support. He even declared that it was a set up by the NDP … He basically used all his political power and savvy to stay out of the court”.

8. “I see poverty increasing, people literally starving, crime rising, suffering at my door step, (old people hungry and falling down) no employment, a healthcare system that is crappy … I see a fractured Police Force, demoralized teachers and a depressed population with a failed economy, no opportunity, wild zealots inciting violence and making calls for people to be killed on political party radio stations…”

9. “I haven’t concluded anything as yet, about how I feel being a woman in this race. Truly I have never been preoccupied with my own gender. I come from a line of strong and assertive women, I grew up among boys with five brothers and attended GHS an all girl school which never placed a fetter on what you can accomplish with effort. I went into Guides, where that was underscored even more. I see the Prime Minister’s utterances as confirmation to me, that his brand of politics is no longer the norm. It does not resonate, it does not influence, and it certainly does not impress. I see him as a man losing hold of himself and his mind, as he loses hold of power”.


The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

8 replies on “V is for terrorist”

  1. Jennifer Eustace says:

    Well written and thought provoking but that’s where we have found ourselves. We have accepted the abuse of all of our accepted norms and have failed to voice our objections. We like to depend on others to voice our objections while we hide behind our so called responsibilities for the mortgage payments and the maintenance of our children jen

  2. TEACHER FANG, you have at last surpassed yourself. I really appreciate your well scripted input and well researched paper. Congratulations.

    I sometimes wonder what the Governor General thinks, and has he any teeth to intervene in anyway whatsoever in some of these disgusting going on’s.

    This regime led by Gonsalves gets nastier by the minute, all the spite, malice, venomous vengeance, hate and pure evil is magnified against this one girl, because she dared on several occasions to expose the filth transmitted by and from this nasty Marxist regime, led by what is most obvious to me as now a full blown dictator.

    In my opinion, and I firmly believe that the regime is controlling a major part of the judiciary in SVG, and that a frightening prospect, which I suspected now for a long time. The things that the Francis boy has said, helped confirm my beliefs [run boy run].

    And at this moment he is on his way with a delegation to celebrate Marxism and communism, and the incarceration of the whole of the Cuban people, a people treated like the personal slaves of the Castro brother, a Cuban regime supported by scum like our government. A regime given comfort by people like Gonsalves and his delegation supporting them in their filth.



  3. Watching Hard says:

    While I haven’t paid too much attention to statements made by Vynette Frederick over the years, if those quotations are accurate then they certainly resonate with me. Take for instance what she says about the practice of flowery talk with no action. This is so true. The government talks a lot about what it plans to do but never seems to get around to it. Or they start projects and never finish them. Or they start projects which go un-utilised or under-utilised once complete. I ask the question, what have they done in this present election term that has made a tangible positive difference to our long term economic situation? I don’t want to hear about the airport. It was started in the previous term, not after the 2010 elections. I will leave it at that.

    I hope that someone can point me to the answer to my question. If not, then Ms. Frederick is proven correct – flowery talk with no action.

  4. WATCHING HARD, what we need to remember there are no exports so no foreign earnings, no industry, none or very little export of produce, no exporters of anything else because we have no manufactures’ at all, bananas and agriculture almost totally destroyed. Therefore there are only a few income streams that this government has got. There is the PetroCaribe deal whereby we import fuel and only pay a portion of the bill and pay the rest 20 years later, but it still has to be repaid. Then we have the import duty on fuel which is several times the cost of the fuel. Then we have VAT, which is added to many items that should be VAT free. There is very little income tax, because very few people earn enough money to pay it, those big ULP cats who should pay it don’t.

    Our only real income is from imports, huge duties and taxes, VAT added to cost, freight, and insurance. Duties and taxes up to 120% paid on imported vehicles. Building materials are the biggest dutiable item, returning Vincentians want to build themselves a super home when the retire from the Diaspora, without a continual stream of these retirees a large amount of government income dries up. Well that’s what is happening building has slowed down by about 40%, its coming, the returnees are starting to realise SVG is not a good place to retire. Even tourism is down 60% so far this year. There is income from government owned utility companies like VINLEC and CWSA, these are little more than another way to tax the people by keeping utility prices unnaturally high.

    This government has not attracted any new industry whatsoever, although in 2001 before the election of Gonsalves and his band of merry men, Gonsalves told us he has foreign industry and investors lining up to invest SVG, turned out that was untrue, because no one came. He told us if we voted him and the ULP into office they would come.

    So its only Vincentian people who are funding the government with taxes, duty and VAT. We have no industry and no export market for anything, this is surely a recipe for disaster.

    I suppose we should accept if we elect a Marxist led government we should just accept the medicine and shut up. But you will notice how wealthy the regime leaders and there paid collaborators are getting.

    It seems to me that we are the greatest exporters, importers and distributors of lies, of the untruth, because that is what we are fed on a daily basis by our leaders.


  5. That uppercut he got in the house that the speaker couldn’t block and the upcoming decision of the Privy Council seems to have caused an all out declaration of destruction of Vynette. Commissioner campari appears to be judicial julan too.

  6. You have yourselves to blame. You elected a Marxist. Which Marxist regime in history has been anything but savage, brutal and inhumane? The biggest mass murderers in history, with the exception of Adolf Hitler, have been Marxist. Prepare yourself. You haven’t seen anything yet. Google “MARX AND SATAN” and see the true source of Gonsalves’s ideology.

  7. Like all tyrants, Gonsalves finds a pet project to turn attentions from his misdeeds. His is reparations for slavery. While Marxists are history’s most vicious, savage, bloodthirsty, malevolent leaders and while Gonsalves sets his machinery of oppression in St. Vincent, he pretends to care about our forefathers in the past. For Gonsalves to be taken seriously, he must seek reparations for the millions of victims of Communism from Cuba, North Korea, China, Russia, East Germany, Angola, Ethiopia etc. Then and only then can he be taken seriously.

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