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Family-Time, one of the premium Programmes on Christian Radio Praise FM 95.7 and 105.7, has organised a public speaking competition which will take place on Saturday, Aug. 3, from 10 a.m. at the Streams of Power Church at Sion-Hill.

Five participants age 9 to13 will speak on the topic “Should students be paid for good grades?” After this, there will be an impromptu segment.

Coordinator of the public speaking competition and main host of the Family-Time Programme, Shana Daniel, said that she thought of organising the event to help the young people who make up a large part of the Family-Time audience with their communication skills and to build their self esteem.

Daniel said she believes that many problems in our society arise, not because we do not know the answers to a lot of the issues but because we cannot communicate them effectively.

She added that the best time to teach people to talk, think on their feet and build their communication skills, is when they are young.

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Furthermore Daniel explains that the competition is being held at this time as students are on the long summer vacation and the public speaking offers the opportunity to engage them positively as they will be doing research and some critical thinking in preparation for the event.

Listeners to Praise FM and the Family-Time Programme have been invited to make up the audience on Saturday.