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Kayanka Weekes.
Kayanka Weekes.

The 30-year-old woman who was valedictorian at the University of the West Indies Open Campus recognition ceremony here in January is dead.

Kayanka Weekes died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Thursday, sometime after having a surgery.

Information surrounding the death is still unclear but I-Witness News understands that Weekes was in the first trimester of a pregnancy.

Weekes’s death brings to two the number of young women here who have died recently while receiving medical attention.

Lavel Janita George, an employee at Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines died in Barbados late July, where she was transferred after being rushed to the MCMH from Maryfield Hospital, a private facility.

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George was scheduled to undergo what media reports describe as a minor procedure at the private hospital.

Report says complication develop after she was given an anaesthetic.

6 replies on “Valedictorian dies after surgery at hospital”

  1. Lowman's Daughter says:

    it’s not shocking if you don’t have professionals and no upgrade to training on a regular basis.

  2. We need some answers as to why and where do Lavel Janita George, an employee at Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines died? Why did you kill her? Why did you take her away from us without she has the chance to say goodbye to us? What did she do to you for you to take her life? Eh, why? you are wicked to kill our flowers you took our rose of Sharon but I hope you will answer to her father for what you had done to this beautiful life, she did not pay to be killed, she trusted you with her life and didn’t care, WHY? WHY? WHY? its not fare to her you kill her like a cattle and leave her there to died but you know? as a close friend and brother of the family i forgive you and i hope you will explain to her brother and husband what had you done to our sister, we miss you lavel and may you rest in peace till that great resurrection morning when all the saint will rise to meet Him in the air with your Mom and Dad, am so sad to learn about this, sad indeed!

  3. o_0 I don’t understand what’s going on in St. Vincent lately. People are been killed in the hospital and its as if the Government doesn’t care as to what is happening to his people. The people of St. Vinect and the Grenadines needs to take action. One death is too much, its not even death its murder.Something needs to be done. Why are we sitting down with our arms fold, not doing anything while our young vibrant men and women are dying at the hands of those criminals?These so call Nurses and Doctors like they came on a mission to kill innocent people.I had a death 2yrs ago, my sister went to hospital, had a healthy baby boy, they knew sthe would be breast feeding yet they put her on anti-biotics unaware that the anti-biotics was harmful to the baby she took the medication now the poor child died in the space of 2weeks exactly his age :'( and nothing was done they said they did autospy but yet they fail to tell her how and what killed the baby. My sister decided they would bury the baby themselves. They were given a sealed cuffon…OMG these people are wicked bastards. The Government is doing nothing so they will continue, maybe thats what they were brought to the country to do -_- My heart goes out to these young ladies families…My friend Donna Clarke who was a cleaner at Bank of ST. Vincent and the Grenadines told me she knew Mrs Lavel Janita George she told me she was such a sweet heart, a very nice lady& very kind was some of the description she give me of her. So my condolences to her family from Donna & myself…RIP!!!

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