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Vita Malt Bequia Tournament Thursday Game Results:

Wednesday, July 31 Game Results:

U16 Division: Hornets defeat Dragons 30 to 25

-leading scorer Hornets: Anthony Thomas with20pts, 22 reb, 5 blks

-leading scorer Dragons: Givin Forde with 7 pts

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First Division: 2 games

Duke defeat Warriaz 81 to 45

-leading scorer Duke: Ishama McKree with 19 pts, 2 assts, 2 steals

-Leading scorer Warriaz: Keon Skinner with 16 pts


Rising Stars defeat East Blazers 61 to 58

-leading scorer Rising Stars: Chaz Compton with 19 pts, 3 assts, 5 stls

-leading scorer East Blazers: Michael Peniston and Keon McFee with 12 pts each


Thursday, Aug. 1 Game Results:

(previously scheduled, rained-out games)


U16 Division: Rockets defeat Titans 26 to 21

-leading scorer Rockets: Reon Ollivierre with 14 pts,

-leading scorer Titans: Kirsty Bailey with 19pts


Second Division: Blazing Heat defeat The Wizards: 55 to 51

-leading scorer Blazing Heat: Mark Browne with 13 pts, 2 assts

-leading scorer The Wizards: Jason Hutchins with 12 pts


First Division: East Blazers defeat Rising Stars 72 to 55

-leading scorer East Blazers: Kelan Edwards with 25 pts, 12 reb., 3 assts

-leading scorer Rising Stars: Kirstin Lampkin with 21 pts