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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has explained how his government determines which journalists are taken along when government delegations travel locally or overseas.

He gave the explanation during a press conference this past week, saying that in the absence of a media workers association that could make suggestions, the choice is left exclusively to the Government.

Journalist Duggie “Nose” Joseph was a part of the Prime Minister’s delegation when he travelled to Cuba last month for a national celebration there.

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He said his decision to take along Joseph should indicate his position on the media.

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The News newspaper, however, reported on Friday that while Gonsalves spoke of consulting with a media association if one existed, he did not inform the newspaper of his plan to take one of its journalists on the trip to Cuba.

(Read article about Joseph’s meeting with former Cuba President, Fidel Castro)

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  1. If i was a PM and my minions start getting angry or drifting away i will just give them a trip, mek dem feel nice, when all the hours on phone not resulting in them glorifying me. I just might give them a pen too filled with my words, no refill necessary.

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