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Vincentian lawyer and former senator, Ronald "Ronnie" Marks. (Internet photo)
Vincentian lawyer and former senator, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks. (Internet photo)
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Prominent Vincentian lawyer and former senator, Ronald “Ronnie” Marks, was arrested in Brooklyn, New York Sunday night and charged with “obstructing government administration, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct”.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) told I-Witness News on Monday that Marks was scheduled to appear at the Kings County Court.

“Defendant did refuse to disperse, causing a large disorderly crowd to gather. Defendant did attempt to punch and did push arresting officer while arresting officer was attempting to disperse the crowd. While attempting to arrest defendant, defendant did lay on his hands to prevent himself from being handcuffed,” an officer from the NYPD told I-Witness News, reading information logged about Marks arrest.

Marks was arrested at 11:24 p.m. on Sunday, the NYPD said.

Marks is a former senator under the ruling Unity Labour Party.

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He is the second prominent Vincentian to be arrested in New York in the past 18 months.

An NYPD office arrested Camillo Gonsalves, this country’s ambassador to the United Nations, outside his office building in March 2012.

The government says it is still seeking redress over that incident.

11 replies on “Lawyer Ronnie Marks arrested, slapped with three charges in New York”

  1. I am confused. Why should the Government be seeking redress over this minor, everyday incident? Does the Government normally proceed in this way for nationals visiting foreign countries when they find themselves in a bind? If so, we are blessed with a Government that truly cares.

  2. pray for ronnie whatever the case may be he is our son and pray all will be well with him Life is life is a challenge we all face it differently who is guiltless cast the first stone

  3. Quick to report the arrest.
    Not so quick to report that the police dropped all charges and released Marks.

  4. James, because he is a vincentian,if it was the other way arround the US would go to hell and back .so they should just violate his human rights like that and you calling it minor.Its not hard for Black people to be enslaves again,you know why, we dont give am damn about our own.

  5. John Alexander says:

    So, J.James calls this “a MINOR incident.”

    Well, J James, what if you were the one in that position ? A respectable Attorney arrested, beaten, and had your name dragged through the mud, ALL based on LIES?

    To make matters worse, everyone is released, and all charges dropped, because of the LIES!

    Does, J James have any idea what a law officer has to face in such a situation especially since he himself is sworn to uphold the law?


  6. Too Often Many Police Officers Neglect to remember they took an oath to Protect and Serve, instead they choose to have Selective memory and decide to use their badges as a copout to be on a POWER TRIP . Although such deplorable not to mention degrading actions on their part towards Mr Marks has been taken the beauty of it is HE KNOWS his rights and what recourse to take in order for Such malicious acts Not to occur again without being brought to justice. Its not our small island WHERE Majority of the crimes go unpunished or with a slap on the wrists and or depends on who we are go un noticed. Ronnie nothing wrong goes unpunished God speed.

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