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Dennis Ambrose, chair of the Carnival Development Corporation. (IWN photo)
Dennis Ambrose, chair of the Carnival Development Corporation. (IWN photo)

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) has called on regional airline LIAT to resolve the problems of getting people to and from this country for Vincy Mas.

CDC chairman, Dennis Ambrose made the call on Thursday at the prize-giving ceremony or Vincy Mas 2013.

He said that while the CDC “is extremely pleased at the outcome of Vincy Mas 2013”, air transportation remains a challenge.

“Another challenge which Vincy Mas faces every year is the absolute frustration that visitors have, in getting to and from this destination. We don’t hear it happening for Antigua Carnival, not for Spice Mas, nor for Crop Over, not for St. Lucia, nor for Trinidad Carnival. I think it is time enough that LIAT, our partner in Vincy Mas, take some concerted, genuine, corrective measures at resolving this,” Ambrose said.

“It is an embarrassment to the country, to the Government and to people like you and me, who put heart and soul into producing this marvelous festival that is the envy of many other nations, when people have difficulty getting here and leaving here,” he further stated.

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“We are again asking LIAT to act genuinely to resolve this problem favourably for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We have endured this for too many years. We are sure that the time has come to give us a better deal. I am sure we deserve it,” Ambrose said.

3 replies on “CDC wants LIAT to resolve airlift problems during Vincy Mas”

  1. Embrassment to the country, yes, to the government? Our PM defends LIAT at every angle, even does everything in his power to prevent competition, so how would LIAT wake up and clean up their act when they are being helped – our leader writes the scripts for LIAT’s bad behaviour.

  2. I’ve made approx., 20 trips to and from SVG. Hand on heart I can say with all honesty, that never has one of our trips been straight forward- no matter the time of year. LIAT have left us stranded in Barbados twice, and took no responsibility for the situation. Every single flight has been delayed or cancelled! The check-in staff are surly and quite rude most of the time. S So Liat you need to improve in all areas, and not just for Carnival! .

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