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St. Vincent and the Grenadines will from Monday, Aug. 26, host a five-day regional workshop organised by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). The workshop aims to provide participants with an overview of the Hospitality Assured Service and Business Excellence framework, provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of the evidence requirements of Hospitality Assured as well as an opportunity to establish advisory approaches, through the deployment of case studies and role-plays.

Fifteen senior tourism officials from across the region will be engaged in the sessions which will act as an introduction to the Hospitality Assured Service and Business Excellence framework and participants will gain further insight and knowledge as they work with establishments within their respective countries. The workshop will be facilitated by Shirlene Nibbs of Nibbs and Associates, Antigua and Barbuda.

Hospitality Assured is a programme that recognises excellence in the service environment, which means meeting the expectations of a range of customers on a consistent and regular basis. The Hospitality Assured framework helps organizations understand customers’ expectations; plan the service delivery; communicate the nature and rationale of the service; ensure adequate skills and resources are available; instigate a process of improvement which becomes part of operations and is self-perpetuating.

One reply on “St. Vincent to host regional hospitality assured advisor workshop”

  1. Send our customs officers and immigration officers from the airport to this, they are just about out of control in the rude way they are treating passengers and visitors again.

    It’s no wonder the tourism figures are dropping again so rapidly.

    We spend hundreds of thousands through the tourist office getting tourists to come here, that is all undone in 10 minutes by sheer ignorance and downright rudeness by some of these officers.

    Some of the recent stories I have heard are appalling.

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