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The shooting of a police officer while he slept in Calliaqua on Monday brought to two the number of lawmen attacked and shot in the past three months.

Police are investigating the shooting of Sergeant Jimmy Jack, who is assigned to the Calliaqua Police Station.

The shooting, by an unknown assailant, occurred at the police house in that town.

Jack received a bullet wound to the right section of his abdomen and injuries to fingers on his left hand, police say.

He is in hospital and investigations are continuing.

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On June 13, Police Constable Jolaine Jack was shot in Kingstown as a robber relieved a postal worker of EC$100,000 in cash.

That officer also survived his injuries.

Also, in July another police officer was shot and injured, reportedly accidentally by another colleague.

4 replies on “Second police officer attacked and shot in 3 months”

  1. Each time a police draws his gun he should file a report giving details why he had to take that action. This would help to control the Billy the Kids in the Police force. This is the second time a police shot another police officer. Are the playing games?
    I won’t be surprise if the person who shot the police in Calliaqua is not another police. There is something going on here that is not apparent to others.

  2. This incident as reported is a bit hard for me to swallow but unlike the other police at Biabou Jimmy can live to tell. There is sooo much anger and bitterness within the police anything can happen.

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