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Velorne Samuel was gunned down Thursday night. (Internet photo)
Velorne Samuel was gunned down Thursday night. (Internet photo)
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Police are investigating the death of Velorne Samuel, the secretary at the Family Court, who was gunned down in Evesham just before 8 p.m. Thursday.

Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sydney James, told I-Witness News on Friday that Samuel, who is in her early 30s, was shot multiple times.

He said no one has been arrested and the police were not in a position to share with the media any theories surrounding the killing of Samuel — a mother of three.

Samuel, who was originally from Hope Flat in agricultural district of Vermont Valley in South Leeward, is said to have moved recently to Evesham, a community in Marriaqua — another agricultural district.

Her death brings to two the number of women who were killed violently in the past two weeks.

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On Aug. 24, 32-year-old Amy-ann Tittle of Chapmans Village died on the spot after receiving chop wounds about the neck and head during a domestic dispute.

The woman died in front of her three children — ages 9 and 5 years, and 11 months old.

Tittle’s common-law husband, Insan Humphrey, a 32-year-old sailor also of Chapmans Village, has been charged with her death.

In another gun-related incident, last Monday, an unknown assailant shot police sergeant Jimmy Jack while he slept at a police house in Calliaqua.

The officer sustained injuries to the right section of his abdomen and injuries to fingers on his left hand, police say.

The shooting on Monday brought to two the number of police officers shot here in the past three months.

On June 13, Police Constable Jolaine Jack was shot in Kingstown as a robber relieved a postal worker of EC$100,000 in cash.

That officer also survived his injuries but no one has been charged in connection with those crimes.

7 replies on “Family Court secretary gunned down”

  1. My heartfelt condolences to this young ladies family and children. What a waste of a nice young lady with a family of children.

    What is the basic cause of all this present crime in our society?

    When people at the top of our society, top politicians, are seen to get away with crime and nasty family type affairs [rape, molestation, paedophilia, nasty talking and nasty behaviour, calling bad names, indecent gestures to the public]], those at the bottom of our society believe they are entitled to the same. The top has some control over the police and judiciary, the bottom does not have that privilege, and therefore resorts to the use of firearms and violence.

    Its my true belief that Law and order in our society is out of control, from the top to the bottom, police, judiciary, politicians and even church ministers. I believe they have abandoned all values of decency, and have joined the scum brigade. Of course there are also decent people in all of the above, but those bad eggs that support mal practice by politicians sully the names of all the decent folk. Those in the police and judiciary who watch their colleagues commit atrocities against the public, watch those same colleagues work to support the wrong and even criminal acts of politicians, unless they have the courage to call out and expose, all is lost.

    1. I totally agree with you, and what’s worst, those government officials, law enforcers etc portray themselves to be living and doing their required task in an ethical manner. It is obvious that ethical values are no longer important in our society, so sad and such a shame smh

  2. Bond...............................James Bond says:

    I have said it before, and I will repeat it. For those who want to play bad man or Gun man, once you inflict any harm on an individual due to any senseless activity, you should immediately be drafted into an army, given a weapon and be placed at the front line where you are vulnerable of being shot. (There’s your opportunity to use your weapon)

  3. there (is to much. killing going on mpw an the reason why. they go to prison spend. couple years then get out a person caughht with gangs there penality is 40.000 or years in prison this person ask for him to pay little they refuse to do that they him down he had to give up him self before the cops kill him is that fear? u tell me. they should bring back the death penality

  4. I disagree with your statement James Bond. The armed forces is not a place for criminals I was a soldier for many years. Its a honorable profession where duty, respect is always forefront. We serve with great skill and a sense of pride. Criminals don’t belong in the army and the wanton killing of civilians should never be tolerated. My heart goes out to this young lady. I feel we need to send an effective deterrent to these hoodlums that are plaguing our society.

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