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Why is it that ONE MONTH after the official release of the 2013(May/June) CSEC results from CXC, we have NOT seen the publishing of the official statistics in the different subject areas for EACH SECONDARY SCHOOL and the private candidates in our country? Are the officials in the Ministry of Education trying to keep the statistics from PUBLIC SCRUTINY? At least, if the results cannot be published in its entirety, then the statistics for ENGLISH A and MATHEMATICS should be made available. The nation will like to know how our students performed in these critical subject areas after seeing less than satisfactory results over the last two years. I know that we have competent persons in the MINISTRY of EDUCATION so I expect a response in a couple days’ time.

I have been keeping my ear to the ground and I am reliably informed that the pass rate in CSEC MATH in the majority of secondary schools is appalling. Many schools got zero to six passes this year. I am willing to retract this statement and apologize if the official statistics, when released, prove otherwise. To compound the situation, I am aware that large numbers of students were taken into the some of the Community College programmes without obtaining the minimum pass grade in CSEC Math. I have been advised that in an attempt to rectify the problem, these students have been instructed to re-sit the examination in January 2014 and there is a search for teachers to prepare the students for the exams. Although I am available, I know that I am disqualified from participating in such a programme because of “incompetence” and other factors best known to the key players in education. However, over the last three years I have seen many CSEC maths students being left behind. As a result, teachers like myself who have been left behind have privately assisted some of these students who have been left behind to get in front. This is a challenging, yet rewarding task. Let us not fool ourselves: if we do not put steps in place to address this performance problem at the CSEC level, I am fearful that many of the nation’s youth will struggle, when exposed to maths courses at the post secondary and tertiary levels. Last year, I suggested that we zone the schools which are struggling in CSEC maths and assign experienced maths teachers to teach/co- coordinate the maths programmes in these schools. Incidentally I applied for a job of this nature which was advertised in the newspaper last year and I was informed that I was unsuccessful. This word has become a road march in some circles when the name Elvis Daniel is mentioned. I have God on my side and I rely on him to get the little and the big things right. Let us put St Vincent and the Grenadines first if we want meaningful national development.

Elvis Daniel

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

One reply on “Mathematics in crisis in SVG?”

  1. It’s just like how we can be told in parliament of much higher student levels in schools compared to 15 years ago but can’t be informed of the corresponding results from this input. Even up to last week we heard about more laptops to be given to the more students in more schools.

    – What % are actually just failing students being forced through the system compared to 15 years ago.
    – What is the corresponding increase in Common Entrance passes compared to 15 years ago.
    – What is the corresponding increase in CCX passes compared to 15 years ago.
    – What is the corresponding increase in University degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) compared to 15 years ago.

    Mathematics is used to validate Science and many disciplines. If this article is correct we’ll have a significantly less effective workforce in the fields of Engineering, Science, Economics, Construction Management, Accounting, Finance, etc.

    Prove to us the Education Revolution is working, release the information. Let us be proud of the investment in our children, our future.

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