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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves will make an official visit to Argentina beginning Saturday.

He will be accompanied by this country’s Ambassador to Venezuela, Andreas Wickham, and Station Sergeant Adrian Francois of the Prime Minister’s Security Detail.

In Argentina, Gonsalves will meet with the President of the South American nation, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Hector Timerman.

He will discuss with the Argentinian officials a number of mutually agreed topics, including technical assistance, training, international relations and trade, and education.

Gonsalves and his delegation will be official guests of the government of Argentina.

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He is slated to return to SVG next Wednesday.

2 replies on “PM Gonsalves to pay official visit to Argentina”

  1. I am sure he will tell them that he will continue supporting them in the UN whenever the Maldives matter arises, money for votes.

  2. Begging for airport money. A 50 dollar here, a 20 dollar there, yea comrade beg the heck out of them. By the time you done, you will beg SVG out of debt. If it’s one thing I know you can do is beg.

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