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Homicide detectives are probing the second killing this week — the 25th for the year.

Steven “Bolo” Charles, said to be in his early 20s, died in Peter’s Hope Thursday morning after being shot in the head.

Charles’ death comes three days after Terrance Junior John, also known as “Hot Skull” of Greiggs, died after being stabbed in the neck and back, reportedly with a pair of scissors.

Police are investigating.

(Read also: More questions about crime as SVG records its 24th homicide this year)

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3 replies on “Man shot and killed in Peter’s Hope”

  1. It’s the idle hands syndrome, if we find youth work, give them hope, most of the crime will evaporate. I fairly and squarely put the blame on the ULP Marxist led government, and blame ‘Wun-Fat-Pratt’ in particular.

    1. Peter,
      You cannot be taken seriously because you are not objective in your analysis of anything you comment on. You seem to blame the government for everything that you consider bad. So if you stump your toe or have constipation it’s the government’s fault.
      However, a more worrying issue is this: I noticed from a photo of the opposition leader in the
      Searchlight News paper that he is holding a microphone in his right hand and the way it is held seems similar to that of a person who might have had a mild stroke on the right side of the body. Also, his speech is not as coherent as before and there is an increased propensity to be shouting and very angry. I hope none of this is applicable and if so, may God grant a speedy recovery.
      Take care

  2. Frustration, especially when one cannot provide the basic necessities of life is a real stress case and would drive one to not think rational. However, 25 murders so far this year spells a lot, SVG is getting out of hand with a lot of criminals on the loose. Mr. Binose “the idle-hands syndrome could be one theory – another theory is to re-introduce Bible Study as a MUST in primary and secondary schools. The love of God is missing – after all we are supposed to be a Christian Country. When I was little growing up, we said prayers at the beginning, lunch time and at the end of the school day. In high school, Scripture was a subject and when you hear of a murder, you can book your passage, “the moon is blue”. The PM claim to be a man all about strategy, well, he needs to pull out the drawing board for the Criminal Investigation Unit – implement programs for these youths and older folks who are in overdrive and is resorting to crimes.

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