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If countries did not trade slaves, and Caribbean island countries did not buy slaves, who is suing who?

Can the descendants of slave owners be sued? Can the descendants of slave traders be sued? Can the descendants of slave shippers be sued?

Who can sue who and why are they responsible for actions of their predecessors hundreds of years ago?

If everyone responsible for slavery was working within a legal framework, which was also approved by the scriptures of all religions, how can we sue?

None of the people involved are alive, their children are not alive. How on earth can anyone prove their relationship with any party living or dead?

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Previous British governments did not trade slaves, but they did make laws to regulate and eventually stop slavery.

Appointing attorneys, solicitors and barristers in London for the reparation cause may very well eventually accrue huge debts for CARICOM.

A case of recent years about reparations failed and the 12 private individuals who brought the case are stuck with a US$600,000 debt for costs. This matter, which is now being brought backed and being pushed by Caribbean leaders, could cost hundreds of millions. Who will pay that? It certainly will not be them.

CARICOM, watch yourself if you are being advised to enter into something that I believe cannot possibly succeed. In my opinion it could quite well bankrupt the whole Caribbean that belongs to CARICOM.

It could well cause the demise of CARICOM. I just hope that is not a part of anyone’s long term plan. Perhaps replace CARICOM with ALBA.

This is my own personal opinions and does not intentionally or unintentionally accuse, infer, express or imply any wrong doing by any party mentioned or not mentioned herein.

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle

2 replies on “Reparations could undo CARICOM”

  1. Well put brother. To me this reparation talk is a bunch of crap, it is only encouraging the laziness that we have grown to embrace in the Caribbean, depending on hand outs. While this crop of political leaders lead us down this blind part of reparations, potentially racking up huge debts in the process, I hope that, even if they are dead and gone, that we can charge their estate for these unnecessary spendings. And not only as it relates to reparations, but to all other unnecessary spendings. Not that would be reparation

  2. Mr Grumbs, what it also does, it allows our politicians to travel the region and greater world talking crap.

    But besides the verbal diarrhoea that most of them suffer, they are staying in nice hotels, eating nice food, drinking nice wines and cocktails at the tax payers expense.

    They are spending money like there is no tomorrow, fully well knowing there will never be a cent forthcoming for reparations.

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