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Attorney Carlos James.
Attorney Carlos James.

Even while this country is on target to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) more emphasis should be placed on the environment and the marginalised youth.

This was the call by attorney Carlos James to the participants of the environmental clean-up campaign at the Fitz Hughes beach on Monday.

The event, spearheaded by the Generation Next North Leeward youth organisation under the theme “Keeping SVG Clean, Preserving Our Future”, was part of the celebrations to mark this country’s 34th anniversary of Independence

James noted that stronger education and awareness is needed among the youth to ensure sustainability of natural systems and the environment goes beyond the target date for the MDGs.

“We have to promote conservation techniques even at the school level so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come,” James said.

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He credited the efforts of the North Leeward group in spearheading the clean-up campaign.

“Environmental degradation starts with the destruction of the ecosystem, therefore campaigns such as yours are vital in preserving that balance,” James said.

He further noted that while access to all levels of education continues to be a driving force of the current administration, more focus can be placed on marginalised youth who are not captured by the education dragnet.

“In 34 years of self-governance our social development planners have not successfully engineered a programme to tackle the youth on the block and the unemployed. What about to school ‘drop-outs’ and the youth on the block?” James said.

According to James, a broader educational programme is needed to capture these youngsters in order to stifle delinquency among the youth.

The clean-up campaign received assistance from the Solid Waste Department and the Richmond Vale Academy.

4 replies on “Attorney calls for more emphasis on youth and the environment”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    Yes Mr. Carlos James. I really thought you were different from the others. As a native from one of the most neglected constituency in the country I really thought that a person of your calibre would have stand clear of the ULP. I was so wrong you have been caught in their dragnet. So now you want to start to stake your claim for the elections that will be calling soon. So you plan clean up campaign under the guise of the outmoded and outdated Generation X Brand thinking that you wont be identified. I am calling you out Carlos James. You have in effect start your campaign in NL. I can tell you now that you are not going to make it. well not next year for sure, You’re in for the long haul. Your party have done a great injustice to the people of North Leeward. As much as you might mean well as a son of the soil it wont be enough.

  2. Interesting response Mr Alexander totally ignoring the worthwhile call to the government to place more emphasis on environmental and youth issues. Youth unemployment in particular is an issue that needs to be tackled throughout the country and Mr James is making that point very clear,

  3. Eric Williams. says:

    Its all electioneering under the guise of community service. Do not be fooled NL. Ulterior motives at play here. Nothing for free. Your vote is solicited in return.

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