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The seasonal high winds that affect this country this time of year has resulted in the cancellation LIAT flights to and from the E.T. Joshua Airport.

LIAT on Monday issued a statement apologizing to its customers for the inconvenience they have been experiencing “due to an increase in cancelled flights and delayed baggage”.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Julie Reifer-Jones said the cancellations were due to high seasonal winds in Dominica and St. Vincent.

She explained that the company’s aircraft have tailwind limitation set by the manufacturers during the certification process and therefore are not permitted to takeoff or land when the prevailing winds are beyond these limits.

She added that the departure out of E.T. Joshua Airport in St. Vincent and the night landings into Melville Hall in Dominica are affected by tailwinds and therefore the decision to cancel flights is taken in the interest of the safety.

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“While we will continue to do our best to provide our customers with a smooth travel experience, we must operate within the limitations set by the aircraft manufacturer and occasionally we will have no alternative but to cancel flights due to the high winds,” the acting CEO said.

“At this time of the year, the wind conditions in St. Vincent restrict the take-off weight of the aircraft and when this occurs, the company is obliged to restrict the number of bags that can be taken on the aircraft.”

LIAT said that its Reservations and Airport personnel stand ready to assist customers who have been affected by the cancellations and baggage issues due to the airport limitations.

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    1. Please Ms Roberts…..if you are not at home ……Please call home …someone will inform you of the wind conditions on land …Please imagine what is up there…..

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