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One reply on “Video: Destruction across districts and age groups”

  1. Thanks for these video covering the disaster in our beloved island. I am impressed with this one, because it includes the people and not the politicians. There is no assessment done, hence no one knows the cost of this damage. Ralph is talking about millions, but he’s yet to show any study done on the effects to those who lost everything. When Ralph starts talking about monument or memorial (or something crap like that) at this time, I begin to question his sincerity about the entire disaster. He should never have mentioned this topic.
    Let us deal with what is on the table now; there will be time enough to for other things down the road. I am not convinced that his intentions are to do a better job helping all SVG nationals in this crisis. Folks haven’t forgotten how only some people got help after Thomas. Today people are in dire need of help, but no one trusts the government distribution arm to do an honest job and that is pathetic. He’s also hinting about a tax increase. This was on the back burner, but now he has an excuse to sock to the tax payers with immunity. They would probably have to mortgage their homes to pay taxes.
    I like you question about the mortgage on the house you inspected. However my first question would have dealt with insurance. Do people insure their homes in SVG, against disaster like this and will the insurance cover natural disaster?
    One other question I’d like someone to answer: How come the airport was flooded for a second time? Did the engineers look into the matter to see where the water was coming from, and how to shift it somewhere else – like via the drainage system? If this problem is not fixed, it will affect the tourism industry.
    My new years wish: I hope this government will work to help all SVG nationals, no matter what colour card they carry.

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