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The carcass of this cattle was distributed, presumably for human consumptions.(Photo: Ovid Burke)
The carcass of this cattle was distributed, presumably for human consumptions.(Photo: Ovid Burke)
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The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment advises all citizens to exercise sound judgment when purchasing and consuming meats and other foods during this particular period.

Luis de |Shong, permanent secretary, in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment said in a release on Sunday that seasoning or heat cannot and will not reverse the spoilage process of meats and other foods.

“Tainted foods in all forms are unacceptable,” de Shong said.

“Owners of retail food establishments are encouraged to observe good hygiene practices and to continue selling clean food.

“Butchers are advised that all meat harvested under unsanitary conditions will be deemed unfit for human consumption and will be seized and condemned.

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The Public Health Department has developed new guidelines for backyard slaughtering. In this regard, all persons involved in the production and harvesting of meat from animals will either be contacted by the Department or are invited to immediately establish contact with Environmental Health Officers to be updated on the new requirements,” de Shong further said.

Several animals died or were injured during the passage of the low-level trough system on Tuesday that has resulted in the death of nine persons, while four remain missing.

Some residents of some areas where animal carcasses were deposited have cut them up, presumably for their consumption.

2 replies on “Health ministry warns against eating tainted meat”

  1. Backyard Slaughtering! Well that a new one. Is this the reason why farmers keep losing their animals? The health ministry should be involved with all persons in this trade, to ensure just what they are attempting to do now. It also helps to ensure the animals are not stolen.
    I feel confident that the water supply will be back in a few days. Meanwhile folks can go back to the old way of bathing in the sea and the river, which should be ok by now. The only problem will be with the water for human consumption. If the source of the Layou water was not destroyed, then folks can go directly there and get water. I believe its spring water that does not get contaminated by heavy rainfall like that from Cumberland and Buccament water supply.
    I am more concerned with those who lost their houses and everything in them. I’d like people to consider helping these people by sending money via Western Union, or by directly depositing money into a bank account of their choosing. All this process takes is a name, phone number for Western Union and the information of an account with a bank. The money could be in these people hands in less than a day. It would also be out of the reach those who were responsible for distributing material after Tomas.
    I am totally floored by the destruction and need to know that that poor old lady in front of her house will definitely get my contribution. If I have to use Western Union to get the money directly to her, then so be it.

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