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Some 7,000 articles of clothing have sources for persons affected by the Christmas disaster. (IWN file photo)

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The government of Spain on Monday expressed “its deep regret for the loss of human life and devastating damage” caused by the torrential rains in the Eastern Caribbean over the Christmas holidays.

“Spain hopes that the residents of the devastated communities can soon return to normality,” Madrid said in a statement.

“In order to offset the destructive effects of this natural disaster, the Spanish Government plans to aid in the recovery efforts through the International Federation of the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Emergency Fund,” the statement further said.

Nine people died in St. Vincent, and at least five in St. Lucia as a result of a low level trough system on Christmas Eve, which also left extensive flooding and damage to public infrastructure in both countries and Dominica.

“The Government of Spain conveys its sincerest condolences and solidarity to the Authorities and the citizens of the countries affected, and especially, to the families of the deceased,” the statement said.

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