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One week after the devastating 24/12/13 disaster in St. Vincent, Vincentians have begun to rebuild their lives, and politicians from boths sides are pitching in.

3 replies on “Video: Death tolls rises to 9 as SVG begins to rebuild”

  1. Thank you for the information, my heart felt sympathy goes out to the families of all the Islands who has loss love -ones at this festive time. While I understand that there is a government and an opposition, it is important at this very sad time for both government and opposition come together and unite the people of St Vincent in coping with the disaster and seeking assistance for the country .

    I am sure that nationals of the various islands living abroad will be willing to contribute towards the rebuilding of their country.

    Best regards
    J. Francis

  2. Government should involved them in the discussions. Don’t matter which party we belong, still one nation. This is the first in our the history, the country has experience something of this nature. No one thought this could have happened but it did. Just have to pick up from here and move on. Can’give up now. We will rebuild our country with the help of the almighty God. We will rise again.

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