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Where are Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, the ALBA membership and all the rubbish non-aligned countries who we are now aligned with? Where are they in our hour of want, where are they? Where? Where?

Where are all the countries who we have done favours for in the United Nations, voting with them and helping them out of the crap at the price of losing our own name for decency and goodwill?

Where is Cuba, who we have employed and paid their workers at the airport until we are on the verge of bankruptcy? Remember how we sent them water engineers and electrical engineers/workmen and money when they were hit by a hurricane. Well, we have had several tragedies, not a bean from them no reciprocity.

Where is Venezuela, who promised to pay the Cubans wages and eventually dumped us in the crap? Promised to pay for all the airport contractors’ equipment, then only put 10 million in the kitty. Talk about PetroCaribe all you want, that doesn’t make up for what the owe us.

Where are the boatloads of goods and supplies? Where are the hospital supplies? Where is the money? Where is the comradeship and the solidarity? Where is it?

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Comrade, they are making you look like an actor right out of “Dad’s Army” — a farcical character.

They must have a reason for such behaviour, because its all of them, are you able to tell the people what has gone wrong, why you and ultimately us, why have we been dumped.

I am fairly sure that most Vincentians probably would prefer not having their help, if it means being identified as one of them. Most of us have no intentions of ever living under their kind of dreadful caged animal slavish.

So I suppose we have to continue receiving help from imperialists and capitalist’s, real people who have a good sense of decency. Then we can punch them all in the eye after we have taken all they have to offer, because they do not fit into our leaders lifetime scheme.

I will drop a line to the Pope and ask him what he thinks.

Peter Binose, Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle, and blowing hard.

Romans 12:19–21 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

5 replies on “Where are our Marxist friends when needed?”

  1. The questions are valid. The PM has asked us not to hide from the world what has befallen us. These countries are very much a part of the world. Maybe the parties to whom this appeal has been made informally and directly are still pulling themselves together to mount some assistance or maybe they have already assisted to the extent of their ability. I don’t really know but, if it’s crap, respond with substance.

  2. RIC, you may call it crap, but is it the truth. We are aligned with all those crap countries.

    They should of been here within a few hours, most of them have aircraft [military and civil] capable of landing at Arnos Vale.

    Yet nothing, not even the drippings of their nose’s.

    RIC, it may quite be possible that you are crap, a paid Marxist collaborator, trying to make things look better.

    Well it doesn’t wash. Thank god for Trinidad and Tobago, their leader who I believe has put up with some disrespectful crap from our Marxist led government recently. They are helping us, but they will not give money, they are the first international responders. They sent the helicopter and it has been working hard since, arriving the very next day after the tragic event. They have delivered lots of necessities, they are true friends, not fair weather friends. Not Marxist scum who only take and never give.

    I always remember what Fidel Castro [according to Forbes one of the Worlds richest men] the multi billionaire said “If there is a tragic event let the capitalists pay”.

  3. Folks. The question of where are the friends of the comrade in time of need is a very good one. However, the writer must understand that the comrade has been known to make statements that can never be verified. So when you talk about where are our Marxist friends. Sometimes we must take the things the comrade say with multiple grains of salt.what I find amazing in all this is that the comrade has gone to these so call friends for things that were trivial and now that there is a genuine need he has lost his credibility I.e his good faith.

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