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A Police Officer Nudges A Member Of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsavles’ Security Detail Out Of The Way As He Attempts To Take A Photograph Of Gonsalves, Right, Eating Fried Plantain From A Resident Of North Leeward During A Tour Of Disaster-Affected Areas There On Dec. 27, 2013. Gonsalves Is On A List Of The Caribbean’s Most Interesting Persons For 2013. (Iwn Photo)
A police officer nudges a member of prime minister ralph gonsalves’ security detail out of the way as he attempts to take a photograph of gonsalves, right, eating fried plantain from a resident of north leeward during a tour of disaster-affected areas there on dec. 27, 2013. Gonsalves is on a list of the caribbean’s most interesting persons for 2013. (iwn photo)

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is number two on Caribbean Journal’s Caribbean’s 25 Most Interesting People For 2013.

Caribbean Journal, which describes itself as “the Caribbean’s leading digital newspaper”, says Gonsalves has become “perhaps the official spokesperson for the Caribbean region — from taking on the United Nations on the cholera issue to strong criticism of the Dominican Republic’s controversial citizenship ruling.

“St Vincent isn’t a large country, and yet, Gonsalves continues to be heard,” the publication says.

Number one on the list is Stephanie Villedrouin. Caribbean Journal says of her:

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“You may think developing tourism in Haiti is a wonderful idea. You may not. But either way, the fact that you’re even thinking about tourism in Haiti is a testament to Villedrouin, who has taken a long-neglected sector and made it internationally relevant. We look forward to seeing what happens next.”

Other persons on the list include, Dominican hotelier and LIAT critic, Gregor Nassief; Jamaican sprint star, Usain Bolt; Barbadian musical superstar, Rihanna; the world’s greatest female track and field athlete, Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce; winner of the NBC show “The Voice”, Jamican, Tessanne Chin; and former prime minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness.

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3 replies on “PM Gonsalves on list of ‘Caribbean’s 25 Most Interesting People For 2013’”

  1. Avatar Of Patrick FerrariPatrick Ferrari says:

    Overall, on the world stage, Comrade has done us good and is deserving of the Caribbean Journal’s mention. This 2 X 2 nation is not to be ignored because of him.

    I am as fearsome of our relationship with ALBA as anybody else is, and as resentful of it with the towelheads and how they use their camel dung moolah as anybody else is.

    But the bottom line is this: Ask, and don’t even talk hospital or school; in the past 5000 years, when did the Americans give us even an ambulance or a school bus? And yon can lower the bar still, a Band-Aid or pencil?

    Ever thought that it is they who have alienated us first, and not the other way around? I love America and Americans, especially my wife, but my question on what they have helped us with over the last 5000 years still stands.

    They give us war toys to pretend (politically) that they are cleaning up their own backyard.

  2. Top all the way- we don’t mind the haters. Prime minister Gonsalves can respresent and will continue to do so, he deserve his rating so stop hate -appreciate.

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