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From left: PMC chairman, Oscar Allen and members Zita Barnwell and Ronnie Daniel speak at a press conference in January 2014. (IWN photo)
From left: PMC chairman, Oscar Allen and members Zita Barnwell and Ronnie Daniel speak at a press conference in January 2014. (IWN photo)
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The non-partisan socio-political group, the People’s Movement for Change (PMC) has declared 2014 the “Year of the Nation”.

The organization, which has been dormant for the past 18 months or so in its public activity, said it was in a “self-critical dormancy”.

“An usually event has broken and hurt the nation deeply and it is an opportunity for us to come together in healing and in constructing a process of recovery,” PMC chairman, Oscar Allen, said at a press conference on Wednesday.

He was referring to the Christmas trough system, which has left nine persons dead, three missing and extensive damage to housing, public infrastructure, and agriculture.

“Our solidary as a nation and particularly the hurting people can both hasten and ensure equitableness in the recovery,” Allen said.

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(See also: Video — PMC criticizes PM Gonsalves’ handling of Christmas floods)

“It might well come to mind to ask where has the PMC been in these past months and in 2013? In truth, we have been dormant in our public activity, but not in our scrutiny and assessment of our country. And, in fact, one of the focuses we have this year is for youth, who suffer tremendously and silently in our land,” Allen said.

Asked to elaborate on the meaning of “Year of the Nation”, Allen said:

“When PMC declares 2014 to be the Year of the Nation, we, in our considered opinion, feel that the past year and the past years, the nation has been pilloried on the tendency to party and partisan division. We want in the Year of the Nation to look at that and to put a halt to it and to build consensus on important matters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, bring people together on that,” Allen said.

“Beyond that, we think there are vulnerable communities in the nation that nobody seems to recognize and the nation cannot progress as long as these communities remain underprivileged.

“We want to bring them to the fore … This Year of the Nation is a call to go beyond partisan affiliation and beyond business as usual, which disprivileges many people. And, of course, the current issue before us is relief and reconstruction of the nation,” Allen said.

3 replies on “PMC declares 2014 ‘Year of the Nation’”

  1. Oscar I am glad that you and the PMC are on the move again. You are right in your assessment of the type of year that 2014 is going to be. Quite often at the political meetings, both parties have a tendency to talk down to the people but no one ever listens. I will like to suggest a series of town hall type meetings where members of both sides and also the DRP and the Green party will meet with the people to answer their concerns. It is very hard for someone to work with a person who openly insist that he has no intention to do so. That is the situation that Eustace finds himself in in trying to deal with Ralph. I believe that behavior can be legislated and that is why I am insisting on Integrity Legislation to be put in place to address a wide range of issues. We have to get moving, for we have a whole generation of children who feel as if no one cares about them and they don’t see why they should concern themselves with politics. There is an airport to pay for and a huge debt hanging over our heads. We all have to become productive if we are going to keep our heads above water. Our PM must now take a hard look at himself and recognize the divisiveness and destruction that he has introduce to SVG and change course immediately.

  2. Lance, the PMC cannot bring the political forces together. Oscar and many of the members publicly state their distaste for Ralph and DO NOT criticise the NDP at all. The ULP will be right not to seriously take the PMC call for unity. They want to get rid of Ralph and elevate the NDP. They do not hide this at all.

  3. Very interesting of the PMC , OSCAR and company must understand that election has consequence ,SVG can only have one government at a time , so to play king maker for Eustace and company after successive loss at the poll and now in this time of crisis they raised their nonsense , instead of showing what leadership they have gather over the last twelve year in OPPOSITION wilderness.

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