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The Vincentian Association of Artistes, Writers and Producers will host two relief concerts this month. The first one will take place on Saturday at 4 p.m. at the London Playing Field at Sandy Bay, and the Second one at the Petit Bordel Playing Field on Jan. 26, also from 4:00 p.m.

The aim of the concert is to bring comfort to the victims of the Christmas Eve floods and stand in solidarity with them in recovery. They will be held under the theme “Lean on me. Perseverance. You raise me up”.

The Association is inviting the public to attend and bring a contribution in cash or in kind to aid in the relief efforts.

“The victims are in need and the presence of fellow Vincentians and others at these Comfort Concerts will certainly bring confidence to the victims and their families as they travel towards rebuilding their lives,” the Association said.

“The Comfort Concert would be led by the Royal SVG Police Force Band, artistes such as Cultural Ambassador Fireman Hooper, Luta, and Shaunelle; calypsonians Skarypon, Brother Ebony, and Radiant Diya; Rodney Small and the Ultimate Band; pannist Saeed Bowman; worship teams; instrumentalist Dexter Bacchus; Analee Rodriquez and Squires and premier dance company La Gracia; Cultural Club Urban Theater Expressions; poets Lafayette, Adrian, Blazer and Symphonix and Sandy Bay Steel Orchestra.

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