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Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace on Tuesday told Parliament that he is among banana farmers who have received “bounced” (insufficient funds) cheques from Winfarm.

What video to see the response of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.


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2 replies on “VIDEO: Opposition Leader gets ‘bounced’ cheques from Winfarm”

  1. What a disgraceful story, not only have the farmer been destroyed by this government, now they are not even being paid for what they produce.

    They are being totally destroyed and eliminated under the rule of this government.

    Gonsalves response and reply as a decent and honest man of the people, as prime minister and minister of finance should of been more helpful, he should of said he would hastily look into it.

    I actually believe he wants to close WINFARM, and this is an excuse to do so.

    Go to the police was not the right answer, those cheques were issued by a company under government control, I doubt under those circumstances the police would lift a finger.

    It would be ‘you have got to come back to papa’ time once again.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, I believe Gonsalves is a control freak of the worst kind.

  2. That Political Dunce ..Peter Binose should be supporting Ms Nicolls in her plight to bring the Leader of the Opposition to his weak knees and pressure him to settle the long outstanding matter to end.
    Like many loopy louts like Peter Binose (BIGNOSE) and other blind followers of NDP have no clue about reality but are bend on haters of the ULP and the Best Prime Minister in the Caribbean You are “Blind As Bats”………….

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