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The government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will not implement austerity measures, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves says.

He restated his administration’s stance on the issues on Monday as he delivered the EC$911 million Budget for 2014, saying, “austerity is a dangerous idea” for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


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2 replies on “Video: ‘Austerity is a dangerous idea’ for SVG”

  1. “In economics, austerity describes policies used by governments to reduce budget deficits during adverse economic conditions. These policies may include spending cuts, tax increases, or a mixture of the two. Austerity policies may be attempts to demonstrate governments’ liquidity to their creditors and credit rating agencies by bringing fiscal incomes closer to expenditures.”

    That’s the definition of Austerity, and it’s the same thing that this guy has been doing for years, and the sad thing is, the country still isn’t in any better shape. Read it for yourself and you will see that it describes SVG to a T. Wages and Salaries for civil servants has been frozen for years, Taxes like Crazy, SVG has so many taxes now we don’t even know what to do, you could walk down the street and stomp your toe on taxes now, with the amount that we have.

    It’s basic common sense and any person with common sense could figure it out, without Agriculture the country is doomed. Even a young person like me can remember that Vincy use to be much better than this. Call election comrade, time more than pass now.

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