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4 replies on “VIDEO: Villagers allege dishonesty as distribution of appliances begins”

  1. Well done Kenton Bravo, Bravo. These are the kinds of things that needs proper documentation, on video or audio tape. Nothing better than hearing the issues from the people themselves, who are affected the most.

    And What is Mr. Nemo talking about? we all know about dishonesty, everyone know, I have cousins who sold many sacks of cement for months after Tomas and their property didn’t even get a scratch. We all know about the dishonesty in SVG it is not news to us, we were just hoping that with the spotlight a little more on you all, that you would do a little better, but I guess that was just too much to ask.

    It doesn’t matter how hard you try to be honest now, once something is started it’s very hard to stop and SVG will never get better until the Government changes, and that is coming very soon.

    The man said, everybody in one house getting fridge? hahaha. Vinlec would love them, put a fridge in every bedroom and turn them on, Vinlec would be happy to fix you all up One million dollar light bill at the end of the month. SVG really gone to the dogs.

  2. Kenton you are truly a Vincentian hero and true patriot. Well done with the investigative reporting.

    Its most unfortunate that people took encouragement from what the PM said. It has encouraged people to be greedy and downright dishonest. Had he said such people would be dealt with severely, instead of saying “it would be better that those not affected get relief get, than those 50 who need relief have delay in them getting it” in other words give it to anyone that asks for it.

    That falls in with the ULP greed teachings “own the jobs” “own the government” “OWN THE AID”.

    If you want a greedy person as a neighbour vote Labour.

    Marxism calls for the destruction of society as we know it, destruction of the fabric of society, destruction of the honesty and decency, so as to rebuild a new society in the Marxist mould.

    Just something to dwell on, watching a program about the French president, a man said “if our leader cannot be trusted in his private life, can we trust him in his public life”

  3. Urlan Alexander says:

    Fridges and stoves bought by Mr. Digcel and there is Julian under a red umbrella with a megaphone calling names and papa behaving like its him who buy them. Campaign time it is?Then the narrator saying that “government began distribution of fridges and stoves” and even reminded us of what the PM said. Way to go Kenton.

  4. Well it the same old, same old! It very sad to see the distribution was done by the government and its agents. Is it any wonder that most people send their donations to the Red Cross? Now who would you believe – the NEMO administrator, or the people right on the spot? This is the reason I think a list of families, houses and individuals affected during a crisis is paramount to ensure that only those affected persons obtain relief. What you saw in the video is a circus with clowns doing their thing. There were just a few persons who rebuked Ralph, when he indicated this disaster falls into the political arena. Ralph’s reactions was, “well its business as usual.

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