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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday received a quantity of computers and other equipment from the government of Turkey.

The donation included 30 desktop computers, six laptops, five printers, a photocopier, a flat screen TV, toner cartridges, memory devices, and hard drives

At the handing over ceremony took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conference room.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Commerce & Information Technology, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves thanked the government of Turkey for the donation, adding that it is the equipment are valuable to efficiency of the states’ apparatus, noting that other Ministries will benefit from this kind gesture.

“Although the relationship between the Republic of Turkey and St. Vincent and the Grenadines is relatively new, it is one that is strong and robust,” Gonsalves said.

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He mentioned the donation by Turkey, of over 50 computers to the Ministry of Education in 2008, after the visit of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves to Turkey.

Gonsalves also spoke of the Turkey contribution of US$40,000 toward relief efforts after the Christmas floods.

He said Turkey is one of the leading emerging economies in the world, and that the government of Turkey seeks to assist small island developing states, such as St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Gonsalves explained that five Vincentian students have been awarded scholarships from the Turkish government and are currently studying there.

Honorary Consul of Turkey, Tansal Akcayli told the ceremony that he is pleased to hand over the computers and equipment, saying they are a symbol of greater improvement of relationships between Turkey and this country.

Akcayli stated that after Fidel Castro’s visit to Turkey in the 1960s, Prime Minister Gonsalves was the first Caribbean leader to visit Turkey — in 2008.

(S. Lewis/API)

2 replies on “Turkey donates computer equipment to Ministry of Foreign Affairs”

  1. Doesn’t a relationship work both ways? What does Turkey get out of having relations with St. Vincent. What does St. Vincent GIVE to or DO for Turkey?

    After those Vincy students finish their studies in Turkey, must they live there and give back something to that country, return to St. Vincent or just find themselves in another corner of the world? The word brain drain comes to mind if they stay in neither country.

    While the government is at it, why not strike up relations with a country that can donate just more than computers – maybe say a printing press and much needed medical equipment. Why not go further and get Vincentians educated in the areas of engineering, medicine and agriculture so that they don’t have to import trained people in these fields or import their food. Agh! It makes me crazy!!

  2. “over 50 computers to the Ministry of Education in 2008, after the visit of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves to Turkey” .
    It cost more than the value of these computers to travel to Turkey with an entourage and his woman.

    Nneka, the answer to your question is very simple. Saint Vincent offers a service to countries, if they give us a few dollars and some trinkets, allow us to scrounge from them, we will prostitute ourselves and vote for them and with them at the Untied Nations. They can do no wrong, whatever they do, wrong or right we will support them, vote for and with them at the UN.

    Nneka, all your observations are spot on.

    As far as learning from countries, sending students to become engineers. We should be courting Germany, UK the US and even main land China. Our students will be at a disadvantage in whatever subject they train in Cuba, Iran, Venezuela and such, because they are as backward as we are, and degrees from them are fourth rate in today’s world.

    Giving our students third and fourth rate educations in third and fourth rate countries restricts them to employment in those countries and the Marxist countries of the Caribbean, even TT and Bados don’t want them.

    We do it for Iran

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