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MP for North Leeward, Patel Matthews, left, makes a donation to Basil Nanton.
MP for North Leeward, Patel Matthews, left, makes a donation to Basil Nanton.
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The opposition New Democratic Party today, Wednesday, made a financial contribution to the Nanton family of Rose Bank, who lost five members in the Christmas Eve floods.

President of the NDP, Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace, and MP for North Leeward, Patel Matthews presented the donation to Basil Nanton and other members of the Nanton family, the NDP said in a press release.

The party said that the location of the tragedy, where a landslide killed five persons in a single house, formed the backdrop, as a teary eyed Basil Nanton collected the cheque, and recounted the events of the tragic night.

The NDP said that Matthews who made the presentation and communicated the NDP’s continued support for the Nantons.

Wishing that there was more the NDP could do, Matthews said that although the money could never compensate for the family’s loss, he hoped that it would come in useful to defray some of the family’s expenses.

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Meanwhile, Eustace also pointed out that the NDP representatives and caretakers of constituencies where families suffered loss of life, would present similar assistance from the NDP to those families, as part of its efforts to assist those affected by the extreme weather.

The NDP continues to do what it can to assist those families affected by the freak December weather, the party said.

One reply on “NDP donates money to family that lost five members in Christmas floods”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    With very limited resources the NDP is coming to the aid of many Vincentians. Mr Matthews you keep up the good works. It is interesting how the “wannabees’ and the political upstarts are preying like vultures on the emotions of your constituents. My Bro Patel I believe you mean well and when you are given the opportunity to be a minister of government I know you will be a voice that the ordinary people in SVG will hear and can relate to. You do not force yourself to sound like the fakes masquerading as if they are working for the people. I asked myself, What presence of government has your constituents experience prior to the floods of December 2014? Where were they? The PM I head visit NL for 4 days in just a week. They look at your people as simpletons or what? After suffering for so long as an constituency, the PM and his cohorts distribution of DIGICEL’s sponsored mattress stoves and fridges cannot sway right thinking people. Stand firm my brother.

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