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Recalled Deputy Consul-General at the SVG Consulate in New York, Edson Augustus. (Internet photo)
Recalled Deputy Consul-General at the SVG Consulate in New York, Edson Augustus. (Internet photo)

Recalled diplomat, Edson Augustus still holds a valid diplomatic U.S. visa and is not in the Caribbean, a source in the U.S. State Department has told I-Witness News.

The Ralph Gonsalves government withdrew Augustus’s diplomatic passport when he was recalled last week Thursday, Feb. 6.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that it recalled Augustus, Deputy Consul General at the SVG consulate in New York, because of his involvement in “activities outside the scope of his employment and inimical to the interest of the Consulate General and the Government and people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Augustus is yet to report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kingstown and the government, on Tuesday, ordered that his salary be discontinued, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told I-Witness News on Thursday.

However, the State Department source told I-Witness News on Friday that Augustus still has a full diplomatic visa and the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is yet to take steps to have it revoked.

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The source said they were not able to confirm Augustus’s travel plans, but said that he is not in the Caribbean, and all indications are that he was still in the United States.

The source did not comment about whether U.S. authorities were investigating Augustus for his alleged involvement in a Green Card scam, or for any other activities.

11 replies on “Recalled envoy still holds valid diplomatic US visa”

  1. This doesn’t make any sense to me. How can you retain a diplomatic visa if your diplomatic passport has been revoked since holding the former is based on holding the latter? The only explanation I can think of is that there is poor communication between the SVG and US governments on this matter.

    Also, if Augustus’ diplomatic status has been revoked then the US government is free to charge him with fraud if the accusations against him are credible.

    Something is very fishy about this whole affair.

  2. They should fully investigate the person that issued or had the passport issued to Augustas in the first place as well.

    A full investigation and public review should now take place to see if any leading members of our government are in anyway involved. It must be very public and open.

    I remember when a diplomatic passport was issued by the same person/s to a Canadian Vincentian called Morgan in 2001. In 2004 whilst travelling on the very same diplomatic passport, Morgan was arrested at a London airport, allegedly whilst carrying a kilo of cocaine. Morgan did not work for the government, neither was he a diplomat.

    No one has ever decided if this was the first such carrying of cocaine to Canada or London, or if this was a business. The man was not prosecuted in the UK because of the diplomatic passport, perhaps if he hadn’t of had that passport he could well of got a 16 year prison term in the UK.

  3. Ulrlan Alexander says:

    Its a shame. What is our country really coming to? After all the huff and puff no effort is being made to do anything about Augustus. This remind me of Thiery Nano, Mr. Wise of Millennium Bank fame. They were all allowed to avert justice for a while. Were they given a chance to see if they can hide away? An sure that a public servant is going to be blame. You watch, wait and listen.

  4. Camillo Gonsalves says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Chance and his reporting, the assertion that “the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is yet to take steps to have [diplomatic status] revoked” is incorrect.

    The Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has sent the requisite diplomatic notes and completed the requisite electronic “notice of termination” services with the U.S. State Department. We did this days ago, and have received confirmation from the State Department in that regard.

    We, naturally, have no control over the internal processes of the U.S. State Department or the timing of when they will/or have already terminated his diplomatic visa. I am aware of the general timeline following such a termination, but I won’t presume to bind the U.S. State Dept. to my general understanding. Suffice it to say that the Government of SVG has done its part.

    Keep up the good work!

    Camillo Gonsalves

  5. Hahahah. This guy was recalled because he’s not fit for his job, but you all still think he’s good enough for our passport? Hahahah, I just have to laugh. Tell this Vagabun to come home and come tell us how much money he made doing all his deals. Tell Mr Augustus that I want my share of the money he made to, too much money sharing away and I want my cut.
    These guys are greedy beyond belief. They get paid big money for jobs they have no formal training for,they look down on Vincentians when they come for the same services that they are paid to provide, and then they turn around and try to rob and steal from the very same people that they look down on, that they are already paid to service in the first place. Hhaahha. it’s no wonder we are broke.
    Augustussssssss I want my share boi, come buy us some strong rum and let’s sit down and talk about who thief the most money in government. That’s why this government don’t want to leave office, they are scared that we will hear about all the thiefing that took place, the Prime Minister don’t even want to tell us about things that we already know, just imagine how much money is being stolen that we done know about. You all will OWN THE JAIL when you leave office. Too much hand picked crooks in office.

  6. Wasn’t is easier to just publish the request sent to the US Embassy, it gone too far for the take my word for it approach

  7. First of all what is said about Edson Augustus are allegations not convictions to my knowledge. we must also bare in mind that even if some or all the allegations are true that persons like Edson Augustus who holds such offices would not face certain charge as we may expect . the key word here is “diplomacy” which would be reflective in the true outcome of this situation leaving john public to think the resolving of it was another act of corruption so don’t be too surprised if the revoking of his diplomatic status is the only outcome. just remember i didn’t say it was corruption that would only be john public’s perception but it would however be resolved diplomatical

  8. Camillo, if only the SVG government would tell us Vincentians the truth, then it would avert speculations and assumptions.

  9. “We did this days ago, and have received confirmation from the State Department in that regard.”
    Well we the people would like to see the document that was sent to the Vincentian people in care of the SVG government, and we would like to see it our selves. You have a means like the media and even Facebook that you can let Vincentians see this documents in mere seconds. Sorry but we believe nothing that comes from the government on say so alone.
    This is a serious matter because carrying a diplomatic passport protects him from any crimes that he may have done in the USA, and until the status is removed from him, the common man is left to believe that the Government of SVG, without the support of the people, are allowing this man to keep his status to protect him in proceedings to come.
    And where is this person of interest that the police in Vincy like to refer to Vincentians. Mr Augustus is a person of interest in an on going investigation and should be reporting to the office of foreign affairs for debriefing. We are watching to see how much longer it takes to remove his diplomatic protection from him.

  10. It’ a down right shame, all reports is that it did not happen in the office but at his home that is being paid for by the tax payers of this country. Refresh our memory, when that rape allegation did surface, it did not happen in the PMO office but at the home at who burden.. the very taxpayers money. So much corrupt practices going on, if this country was a business, it would’ve bankrupt or out of business already.

  11. Its great to see Camillo posting here, because it proves he is reading the articles and postings on this site.

    Camillo, I suggest you take the time to look back at I-Witness archives, just take a look at what … daddy has been up to throughout the recent years.

    Its time you showed some spunk and get daddy in line and stop his nastyness. We are all observing you very closely.

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