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Vincentians are once again being offered scholarships to student medicine in Taiwan.

The scholarships were awarded under a partnership between the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) and I-Shou University, which last year established a four-year Doctor of Medicine degree programme for international students.

All admitted students are awarded a full scholarship and are obliged to return to their home countries to provide medical service.

The scholarships are being offered with a view to cultivate passionate and devoted international medical professionals for its diplomatic allies, the government of Taiwan.

The Taiwan Embassy says it is encouraging Vincentian youth with an undergraduate degree from accredited universities or colleges who are desirous of studying medicine under the programme to apply by March 14.

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More information about the programme and scholarship can be obtained by visiting this website or by calling Greta Rawlins of the Taiwan Embassy at (784) 456-2431.

Last year, Andre Williams and Raphique Pope received scholarships to study medicine in Taiwan.

One reply on “Taiwan continues to offer Vincentians scholarships to study medicine”

  1. What a wonderful opportunity is on offer to our young people, I just hope that any approval of the scholarships recipients has no input from PM Gonsalves.

    I also hope that it doesnt become politicised, I am watching.

    Thank you Taiwan.

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