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There can be no doubt this ULP government has brought a lot of bad publicity to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We have seen all sorts of crap laid at our door, I was going to say at no fault of the citizenship. But that would be grossly untrue, if our parents and grand parents refused to elect Gonsalves we should of respected their insight and knowledge of the man. He was the most hated and disliked man by our old folk, the newspapers were full of his antics every week and comments and articles against him and his behaviour. They commented and objected to his trying to bring Marxism and communism to this wonderful island. They read him like a book, and said what they thought, he never sued one of them, they wrote what they wanted, because it was true.

Everything that happens in SVG can be labelled and blamed on one man, perhaps two, and now possibly three: the father, the son and the hole in the head cousin. Not so much the son, I doubt he really knows what day of the week it is yet. But you can be sure he will learn rapidly, between uncle and papa, he will be given an express rail link to how to be another member of the Marxist scum brigade.

All the forgotten allegations about uncsee wunksee, the years without work as an odd job man, because banks where he worked made outrageous allegations about him. Driving old bangers, unfit for the road, wearing cast off clothing and wearing clothes rejected by the poor home and the Salvation Army.

No one stays with Gonsalves, he outs them and replaces them, each time with young whippersnapper idiots, tells them what they dream of, then later discards them like a pair of soiled y-fronts. Remember one batch he even described as the dream team, they all turned out to be a nightmare. But not the family; they stay in power, despite being unelected. There are two of them now, unelected and ministers of government, hard to believe eh?

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Daddy waddy, has been accused of sex crimes against women. According to the DPP Colin Williams, there were at least five cases involving sex accusations and allegations. Never been to court; one man’s decision — the DPP’s — decided he had no case to answer in every case.

We were lied to about the airport. Told it would cost us nothing, that other countries would pay for everything — lies and more lies.

We are in such a mess; we are teetering on the brink of fiscal failure, close to being unable to pay our debt. Those which we are paying are at the expense of not paying others. I believe we are caught up in a huge state-owned Ponzi scheme.

The Argyle airport should have been finished in 2010, every year we are told it will be next year — 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, yet still it’s at least two years away, the earliest it could be would be 2016. Then only if we can borrow a further $250 million. In another two years, our national debt will be approaching $2 billion, an amount that we will never be able to repay.

It really is time to have a clear out, get the rubbish out of the cupboard and the scum from the boil up; time to start over, to get some common decency back in our lives.

Peter Binose, self-appointed keeper of the whistle, and blowing hard

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

4 replies on “What a deplorable mess we are in…”

  1. Again, I do not take issue with any of your assertions except your preoccupation with the PM’s Marxist leanings. He may well be a theoretical radical-socialist but, in practice, he is really a political pragmatist, saying and doing whatever it takes to maintain power.

    Let’s not forget also that as much as it hurts some people to admit it SVG is just another Third World backwater, a country destined to be poor and backward from now to kingdom come regardless of what people and party are in power. It’s a matter of small size, lack of resources, no real tourist potential (outside the Grenadines), combined with a parliamentary political system that encourages tribal rivalry instead of inclusive nation-building.

  2. That’s a great article Peter, the sad truth is that many people in SVG don’t have a clue about the state of SVG. Our island will never be the same again, the most we can hope for in the future is less pressure, but there will always be pressure on us. Debt is pressure, and it’s time we get De Comrade out of office, so we get a real picture of our financial affairs, because as bad as we think it is it’s orders of magnitudes worst.

  3. @C. ben-David
    What you said is simply nonsense. The Sad truth is many people actually believe this nonsense. Do you know what makes SVG great?, we are small, and anything that is small is nimble. We can accomplish in months what it can take years or decades for other countries to accomplish. I am an Engineer, A network Engineer to be exact, and I can tell you without a doubt SVG and many caribbean countries have more potential and by definition are undervalued. We are not just undervalued based on our future potential alone, but also by people’s underestimations about what we can do, and the idiotic leaders in the region that people keep electing.If you think small you will be small.

    Let me give you an example of what could be done here in SVG alone. Do you see what Antigua did with online gambling? we can do way better than that. Little SVG could employ right now at this very instant 1000 people in a call center, and that is not even hard to do, with most of the infrastructure now over the net, you can build a few asterisk servers for relatively cheap to handle the calls and termination inside the center, for cheap, less $1000 EC each. You can Build a few server to provide the computer terminals to the call center further cutting down cost. You can have 1000 people employed in a call center in a matter of months, and the monthly cost would be the cost of Internet and the cost of electricity which should be about $2000 dollars EC for both, in months not years and less than $1 Million EC dollars you can employ 1000 people, and just reuse the Juicy Building that is rotting down right now.

    What about fisheries? The japanese have the biggest appetite for fish in the world, and that is why they built a fish market here, do you know what the government did with it? they let it rot, because it would employ people who didn’t vote for them, that is another 1000 people to be employed at least, in fisheries. Although banana won’t be what it use to, it can still employ a few thousands more. I can go on and on, tourism would be another help. SVG and many caribbean countries have way more than needed to offer us a high standard of living. More than enough. I am in my twenties and one day I am going to use my talents to make Vincy a better place, but we need to elect leaders who listen to people who know better than them. I am an engineer but I can’t tell a farmer a thing when it comes to farming, and I give them the most respect because they built SVG and now they are suffering for it. But time longer than twine.

  4. @Blane This is the first time I’ve heard another Vincentian talking about Asterisk..though I were alone about that here lol….you can reach me at [email protected] if you want to discuss more about tech stuff like this.

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