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The SVG Green Party has called for the resignation of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves over the recall of former deputy consul general, Edson Augustus.

Augustus was recalled from his post in New York on Feb. 7, after the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) learnt that he was offering to help persons source U.S. Permanent Resident Cards, commonly known as “Green Cards”.

The government said this was outside the scope of the diplomat’s employment and is inimical to the Consulate General and government and people of SVG.

Green Party Leader, Ivan O’Neal, said in a release this week that the development is a “fiasco and embarrassment” to SVG.

“Once again the ULP (Unity Labour Party) regime has embarrassed our country and degraded our country to the world,” Green Party Leader, Ivan O’Neal said in press release.

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O’Neal noted that Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves said that Augustus did not break the laws of SVG.

(Read: Recalled diplomat didn’t break any of SVG’s laws)

“Camillo Gonsalves is missing the point: the point is, yet another ULP regime person has caused international embarrassment to our country,” O’Neal said.

“The incident in New York is another example of the ULP regime attitude of not caring about its responsibility. The ULP regime is utterly hopeless at managing the affairs of our country.

“SVG Green Party is calling for Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Camillo Gonsalves and PM [Ralph] Gonsalves to resign for this huge embarrassment to our country. The ULP regime appointed Edson Augustus and they must take full responsibility for his behaviour,” O’Neal further said.

7 replies on “Green Party calls for PM, Camillo’s resignation over diplomat saga”

  1. Can anyone in NY let us know if there is any truth in rumours that there was also promises of help with green cards in return for sex?

    Why was he allowed to leave without a full investigation and a ruling by the DPP, I thought it was the DPP prerogative to make such decisions, turns out its the two Gonsalves, what other legal matters have they made the DPP’s decision on?

    If it had been an NDP, thirty minutes after Augustus had left the meeting and was sitting in a restaurant, he would of been besieged by military dressed police officers and arrested. Had his travel documents taken from him and would of been harassed for weeks and months. Instead he was allowed to leave the state least he causes more embarrassment for the man that employed him.

  2. Urlan Alexander says:

    Mr.O’neal boy like the comrade, before he joined and hoodwink the SVLP, you don’t even have 2% of the votes cast. So like the rest of SVG just shut your mouth.

  3. If every political leader in the world were obliged or forced to resign because of poor judgement in appointing people or because of the misdeeds of these appointees then there would be no political leaders left in the world!

  4. oh! The green party? What foolishness is he talking about, that PM and the foreign minister should put in their resignation? you can’t even get 250 to 300 votes and you want someone to resigned. And to do what put you there? this man need to find real issues to talk about and stop wasting cyber time.

  5. Peter Big nose or what soever the hell your name is u R “Vinci to d bone” comemess cum-mess cum–messs Vinci plp in NY has more important things to do like wuk ! more ova use their time to send you BS!!

  6. Terrance how wrong you are, I have forwarded twenty-nine complaints to the appropriate US departments.

    By the way Big-Nose has been my called name for most of my life, you are the first one to actually recognise me.

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