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The 51 Vincentians known to be in Venezuela are safe amidst mass protests in Venezuela over the past two weeks.

Some 11 persons, including at least one student, have died in pro- and anti-government demonstrations in the South American nation where several Vincentians are studying.

“The students were advised to stay away from any protest, whether for or against the government,” Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told a press conference Monday, citing an update from Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves.

He said there are Vincentian students in four of the states in Venezuela that are most affected by the disturbances.

The six Vincentian students in Mérida are staying at home because of the continuing protest, the Prime Minister said.

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In the state of Trujillo, authorities have told the four Vincentian students there to stay at home.

Similar instructions have been given to the six students in Falcón, although there is no protest in that state, the prime minister said.

He said that Yaracuy, where six Vincentian students are located, has been relatively quiet.

There have been some disturbances in Bolívar, and the single Vincentian student there has been staying at home.

The six students in Zulia are safe, the Prime Minister said

One reply on “Vincentians in Venezuela safe amidst mass protests”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    Vincentians in Venezuela safe.

    Venezuelans in Venezuela, starved, no work, no toilet paper, no beef, students being shot beaten and killed in the streets.

    Isn’t it just great to belong to ALBA, Petro Caribe, the Cuban communist party, and all those other ‘mucs sgab’ [its in unbreakable code, the ULP will pay a reward of US$1 million in cash to anyone who deciphers it] .

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