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Fitz Hughes houses

A construction team works on one of the houses in Fitz Hughes on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. (IWN image)

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(See video at end of post)

The government has begun building in Fitz Hughes houses for persons who lost their homes in the Christmas floods.

Some EC$22 million have been allocated to the building houses and work was underway on six of the 10 houses to be built in Fitz Hughes when I-Witness News visited last Friday and Saturday.


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2 replies on “VIDEO: Houses being built in Fitz Hughes for disaster victims”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    Instead of Gonsalves saying that he or his government are building these houses, looking for glory. Why not tell the people who is paying for these houses? We know its not from government coffers, because the government is broke and unable to even build a crapper in one of the gardens.

    The government may well be in power, they may well be overseeing the program, but if someone, or some organisation didn’t pay for these houses, they never would be able to.

    If it was left to this nasty Marxist bunch to find the funds we would have to go without.

  2. Peter Viera says:

    Why doesn’t PETER BINOSE just put his head in a bucket of crap twice.

    ….and take it out once.

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