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Edson Augustus. (Internet photo)
Edson Augustus. (Internet photo)
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“When you compare yourself with others, you will become vane and bitter for always there will be greater and lesser people then yourself.” — Max Ehrmann

As a member of the international body of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) church, I feel at liberty to address this topic. Through Adventism, I was exposed to a level of hypocrisy that is of the highest order. Hypocrisy so advanced that Jesus Christ would have called the church and its leaders out on it. Like most religions, every once in a while, a rough minister will pop up among the clergy of the (SDA) Church, and, like the Catholic Church, the leadership of the SDA church will try to keep the dirty details of the rough minister’s behaviour, be it illegal, immoral, unethical, etc., from reaching the public. As a result, the rough minister will be quietly transferred to a different island, district or church to continue his unsanctified behaviour, creating new victims.

Pastor Edison Augustus was one such rough minister. For most of Augustus’ pastoral career, he has been committed to an involvement of activities that would have caused the ordinary members to have been “readout of the church”, this does not say much to the standard of the clergy. Anyone who has the time and chooses to follows the path of Augustus’ pastoral career, maybe shocked to find a path littered with broken marriages, broken hearts, broken homes, included that of his own, and a range of other un-biblical and un-Christian activities. Here we have a man who was instrumental in destroying the very things he was hired and ordained to build and to restore. I often asked, why was Augustus allowed to get away with such behaviour for so long?

In the same manner Pastor’s Dermott Baptiste, the president of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mission, and Pastor Clive Dottin, a senior and influential pastor in Trinidad and Tobago, both of whom knew of Augustus’ track record, yet they choose to stick their necks out, lied on Augustus’ behalf to facilitate his appointed in an international diplomatic posting. It is in the same manner and for many years, these men, and others, have been instrumental in protecting Edson Augustus, in the name of avoiding a church scandal. For many years, they have facilitated Augustus’ ungodly behaviour, and the creation of many victims.

How can pastors Baptiste and Dottin recommend Edison Augustus for a diplomatic posting, when he (Augustus) have consistently demonstrated by his actions that he does not fear, respect and or love the awesome creator Yahweh, the God he vowed to faithfully serve, the God Baptiste and Dottin claim to love and fear? This is a man who has over and over again, demonstrated a lack of respect for the rules, doctrines and principles of the church that employed him and the law of the land wherein he operated. Knowing what they (Dottin and Baptiste) knew, how could these so-called men of the clergy, acting under the inspiration of a holy God, recommend Augustus for such a job?

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The management of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mission of Seventh Day Adventist had overwhelming evidence to justify dismissing Augustus from his post as pastor with the SDA churches. However, Instead of doing what was right, Pastor Dermoth Baptiste, president of the mission, decided to sweep Augustus’ misdeeds under the rug once again. As a result, instead of officially terminating Augustus employment, he was asked to resign.

I am forced to ask, how different from Augustus are these men, when they are willing to break Yahweh’s law to save the face of a church than to do what is right?

I am also forced to ask Pastor’s Baptiste and Dottin:

  • Has sin been abolished?
  • Is “Thou shall not lie” still a commandment?
  • Does sabbath-keeping gives Seventh-day Adventist permission to commit other sins?

Is it still a sin to lie?

Allan H. Palmer

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

12 replies on “SDA pastors’ hypocrisy regarding Edson Augustus”

  1. This piece is telling truth. However, Max Ehrmann might have been misquoted. The generally accepted excerpt from the Desiderata is as follows:

    “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

    This is not to say that the misquote reduces the value of this timely piece.

    1. Peter Binose says:

      JJ, what on earth are you bothering with that for, the substantive story is what you should comment on.

      You people really amaze me, here is a man making some major statements about church and people policies and you only see the quote.

      1. Peter Binose, what gives you the go ahead to suggest to me what I should see? Not that I would heed your advice in this regard anyway. I see what I want to see and I write what I want to write. You do the same. Be as amazed as you want. I will use my freedoms as I see fit, regardless of your opinion.

  2. Carlos Walcott says:

    Very valid points to ponder indeed. Something smells to high heaven. If you can’t be good enough to play the game how could you coach the team?

  3. Burton Williams says:

    Good piece. But IMO its a lot of ranting. I see a lot of accusations with no evidence of anything. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but i can’t agree either. Give me something i can sink my teeth into and make my own assessment. I need evidence, not ranting.

  4. I am here trying to figure out the veracity of the litany of allegations made against Augustus. where is the evidence? some once said that ” if you have evidence then prosecute”. This posting is nothing but rum-shop talk without evidence. it is an esoteric expose. if you can make such grand claims then provide the evidence for closer examination.

  5. Can somebody please tell me where is God in all of this? If jesus was here how would he have dealt with the brother. remember every time you point a finger 4 is pointing back at you.Jesus said you are are strong but bear the infirmities of the weak. you dig 1 hole please dig another for yourself.what ever short comings.Is”nt there still forgiveness and why so call christians like to destroy one another instead of giving a helping hand. I know of a adventist preacher who did stuff to me and to protect the ministry and his family i kept it under cover we all have sinned and come to all the righteous ones be careful how you throw stones…….. there are 3 sides to every story.

  6. Curt Quashie, JD says:

    I don’t subscribe to the Seventh Day Adventist faith but I believe that the leaders of the church are being used as scapegoats. We are kidding ourselves to believe that the words of Pastor Baptiste carried any weight in determining whether Mr. Augustus received his appointment. Come on, SVG is a relatively small place. Those in charge did know or should have known about Mr. Augustus’ record (whatever that record might have been). SVG has put a one-man government in charge who claims to have instigated an education revolution yet he overtly disregards the credentials of highly qualified Vincentians and appoints numerous ‘square pegs in round holes.’ They are everywhere. Give the Church a darn break!

  7. Allan Palmer says:

    Come on Burton, you of all people are not to sit back and asked for evidence; do you expect to have evidence brought to you, we all know that you know where to find the evidence that you speak about. As a former S.D.A member in good standing yourself and a former politician you know how to access the political and religious diplomatic channels to get information. I am now turning it over to you to report back to us the unknown or (known by some of us) evidence of Augustus’ dirty religious and diplomatic behavior. Do we agree? Yes we have. lol

  8. As a Christian, I am disappointed with Mr Palmer’s article; “SDA pastors’ hypocrisy regarding Edson Augustus.” Firstly, I observed that the author depicts himself as an SDA and not a christian. True Christians are not confined to a specific Christian denomination, instead they are identified by their love for God, others and their desire to imitate Christ. A true christian weeps [groans] like Jesus at Lazarus’ tomb when anyone who professes to be a christian or a fellow human being falls or err. Jesus didn’t rejoice when Peter or Judas err. True Christians bear the character of Christ. All Christians should pray for the accuser [guilty party] and the victims. I just will like to share a word of encouragement to those who have been hurt but the incident as well as the writer of the article. If you are hurting please remember that we are just frail human vessels who need to keep our eyes on Jesus, who is able to save and deliver. Second, to teh author and those who share the same view, remember Matthew 7:1, a rough translation from the original language reads thus, do not continue to make judgment/ to condemn (imperative tense), in order that you may not be judge/ condemned (the passive-implies- God will judge you) or begin your own condemnation.

  9. Where is the evidence! Are you kidding? Why was he recalled if he did nothing wrong? Why was he asked to resign if he did nothing wrong? I have a feeling that most of this guy’s supporters are themselves con men an women, including members of this government.

  10. Burton Williams says:

    Allan, you got the wrong Burton. This is the other one. 🙂 A lot of the responses here are good ones. Some heavily religious arguments some more pragmatic. I always air on the pragmatic side. My point to you was that, you shouldn’t make open accusations in the public arena if you’re not prepared to support them. Because then you sound like a angry and bitter person just ranting. Maybe this man did do some undesirable stuff. I have heard the rumors. Everyone has i think. But thats what they are. Rumors.

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