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Manager of LIME, Leslie Jack, second left, and Ezzie Robert, right, along with representatives of rural carnivals organising committees. (IWN photo)
Manager of LIME, Leslie Jack, second left, and Ezzie Robert, right, along with representatives of rural carnivals organising committees. (IWN photo)
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Telecommunications provider, LIME has announced continued support to five of the nation’s eight rural carnivals.

The company announced this week that it will provide sponsorship to the rural carnivals in St. George, North Leeward, South Leeward, and Central Leeward.

It will also sponsor the carnival activities of the Owia Sports and Cultural Organisation (OSCO).

The Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) has sanctioned OSCO’s carnival activities, but it is yet to be officially declared a rural carnival.

Manager of LIME, Leslie Jack, explained the sponsorship arrangements, saying that part of the contract that his company recently signed with the CDC, states that the funding provided to the CDC will also contribute to the rural carnivals.

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Jack said that over the years LIME’s assessment shows that rural carnivals play a significant role in promoting Vincy Mas locally, regionally and internationally.

He said persons in the diaspora have relatives in places where rural carnivals are held and will hear about the excitement of rural carnivals.

“So rural carnivals play a key role in the general awareness of our national event. As such, we thought it necessary to really add some additional incentives to our rural carnival,” Jack said.

He said that the sponsorship will be in the form of cash as well as advertising support.

“And we will be identifying other events that we will be involved in, in terms of the partnership to allow them to sell their carnival more to Vincentians and people within the diaspora. We do look forward to working with these rural carnivals,” Jack said.

He said that the five rural carnivals that will receive LIME sponsorship have received similar support in the past.

“Of course, support comes in many forms, but once they meet the general criteria, standards that we expect them to uphold within them delivering a very good product to our nation, we will continue to support them fully,” Jack said.

Meanwhile, Ezzie Roberts, the CDC’s Coordinator of rural carnival, said rural carnivals have been contributing tremendously to the awareness of carnival.

“The rural carnivals offer a build up into the national festival,” he said, but added that the lack of sponsorship was among the reasons for the reduction in rural carnivals from 12 to 8 last year.

“And we are quite happy that, over the years, LIME has been coming on board with these rural carnivals and assisting with these rural carnivals. Money is always hard to come by in these tough economic times and the contribution being made by Lime is certainly welcomed, had been welcomed over the years,” Roberts said.

“I will like to implore the rural carnival committees to give due mileage to the LIME brand…” Roberts further said, adding that the money for the sponsorship comes from LIME’s advertising budget and the company should therefore get mileage for the monies spent.

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  1. LIME is a fraud! It’s ripping-off citizen who apply for Internet connection by insisting they take a phone as well. There is no need to get a phone with an Internet connection. I am sure the cable outfit don’t insist citizens obtain TV connection to obtain the Internet, so why is the government allowing LIME to steal from Vincentians. All SVG IT folks should switch to the competition for a year. The LIME will definitely get the message – those crooks.

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