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The 31-year-old Carnival mas band, Digicel Nelson Bloc, launched its 2014 presentation, “We Drinkin” earlier this month at Digicel’s corporate offices in Kingstown.

The band’s Public Relations Officer, Sean “Tanna” Brewster, said the band will produce 11 sections, all named after drinks that are consumed locally.

The 11 sections are: “Malibu”, “Hypnotiq”, “Sunset Strong Rum”, “Red Bull”, “Sparrows”, “Carib”, “Smirnoff”, “White Oak”, “Pine Hill”, “Mountain Top Water”, and “Captain Bligh”.

Brewster said that “We Drinkin” was conceptualized by Nelson Bloc’s treasurer, Eldon Garraway, while the designs were done by the band’s artist, Oswald “Ozzie” Constance.

He explained that as part of band’s development process, persons are asked to come up with concepts for an up-coming Vincy Mas.

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He that “We Drinkin” was conceptualized two years ago. “We didn’t really grasp it, but we said we would look into it. So last year towards the end of Carnival, it came back”.

Brewster said that they examined a number of ideas and came up with “We Drinkin” as it is common in St. Vincent for persons to ask, “What we drinking?” when celebrating.

“We took that concept and developed it during Carnival and we went to Ozzie Constance, our designer, and we looked at drinks people consume during carnival,” said Brewster.

He added that the band also looked at the packaging of some of these beverages before choosing the ones they wanted to depict, as over the years Nelson Bloc has become known for its use of colour.

Noting that Nelson Bloc is the holder of nine band of the year titles, Brewster said, “We looking to make it ten”.

He revealed that work has already begun on building the costumes as they are looking to make their sponsors, Digicel, proud while also striving to have the largest number of masqueraders.

“We are working on the logistics in bringing the band,” said Brewster, who spoke of support from Irie Travel, Sunset and Sparrows.

He stressed that they are also working on improving the marketing of Nelson Bloc regionally and internationally.

“We putting it out there so they can get in contact with us … We are looking to take it to a next level,” said Brewster who revealed that they will be taking the designs on road shows leading up to Vincy Mas.

Brewster also revealed that the band will be a big part of the launching of Digicel’s 4G network later this year.

“We want to present at Digicel’s 4G launching … to make it spectacular and we are ready to take Vincy Mas by storm,” he said.

Meanwhile, Marketing Manager at Digicel, Juno De Roche, said that 11 years ago, Digicel and Nelson Bloc formed a fruitful partnership.

She said that the company decided to support Nelson Bloc not because of the band’s success, but because Nelson Bloc embodies culture.

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  1. What? You bringing out a Mas Band called ‘We Drinkin’? This is so shallow…
    Shame on you, Nelson Bloc.

  2. Somebody talk some sense in these brothers head nah! Where we going with this? Am I to believe ya all serious? This kinda’ shallowness comes from “too much consumption of alcoholic beverages”! Get a grip guys! “Wha the Queen ‘n King ah de band costume gwine be”. Please sober up!

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