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Leslie Jack, country manager of LIME, will leave the company on Friday. (IWN File Photo)
Leslie Jack, country manager of LIME, will leave the company on Friday. (IWN File Photo)
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Customers of telecommunications provider LIME, who are also fans of Vincy Mas and soca music, will be in for a treat when LIME unveils an application that will allow them to hear new music first.

Leslie Jack, general manager of LIME, announced at a press conference this week, that a new “app” is being developed to give LIME 4G users an advantage when it comes to accessing songs produced by local soca artistes.

“We have partnered with these geniuses who build apps, and one of the apps they are in the process of building is where, in advance of the artiste actually launching, or even after they have actually launched their song for this year… once you have a LIME phone and you have access to this app, you will have a preview of the particular song,” Jack said.

He said that he is hoping to have the app on the market in April, just in time for the launch of LIME’s 4G launch.

Jack also spoke of another initiative that would give soca lovers a chance to be in the spotlight.

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“LIME has a 4G rhythm. This too will be available in the next couple of week,” he said, adding that his company, in association with Island Network, is encouraging participation in LIME’s theme song competition.

“So the rhythm would be available. We will tell you where you can go and download it, you write your song and submit it, and we will air it on Hot 97 during our one-hour programme, 5 to 6 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 4 to 5 p.m. on Friday and 3 to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

“Persons would be able to listen to the submissions and be able to vote for them via text or via calling in, or submitting votes by Twitter as well as Facebook, so you are going to hear a bit more of that competition coming out really soon,” Jack said.

Jack said a number of the LIME Vincy Soca Dans have already laid down tracks to the rhythm and encouraged soca lovers to follow suit when the opportunity becomes available.

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