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Parliamentary Representative for North Leeward, opposition MP Roland “Patel” Matthews has written to Commissioner of Police, Michael Charles, asking for an investigation into the death of Chateaubelair woman, Sylma “Codo” Thomas, who fell ill during a police raid of her house on Feb. 27, and died one day later.

Relative of the 49-year-old woman and residents of the town say that police did not do enough to provide her with medical attention when she suffered what was later diagnosed as a stroke.

Thomas was buried in Chateaubelair on Sunday, two days after residents of the town held a vigil in her memory.

In a March 6 letter to the police chief, Matthews said, “There is such a disconnect between what was said in the police press conference by you, and the testimony of those who were in the vicinity during the raid and her collapse, that it warrants an independent and impartial investigation.

“I hereby call for an independent investigation to take place, and I do so, on behalf of the people of North Leeward who are shaken by the loss of our neighbour, and a valued member of our community.

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“Justice demands that a thorough independent investigation be launched as a matter of urgency.

Do not delay,” Matthews further said in the letter.

Police have said that the officers conducting the raid offered to use their vehicle to transport Thomas to the hospital, but the relatives chose to use a private vehicle instead.

The relatives, however, say the private vehicle was used, because police seemed confused about what to do.

The police chief said last week that an investigation will be conducted into the incident.

2 replies on “MP writes police chief about death of woman after raid”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    Don’t hold you breath, the fat man will never allow it, and the chief needs the fat mans permission even to go to the toilet, he is his man.

  2. What! Are you for real, the fat man will allow it…he is the man, our PM and we put him there to allow it. Mp Mathew’s letter is well within the framework of accountability and good governance from all of our elected ministers, regardless of affilitation; including the COP.” So don’t talk stupidness…we know wha’ we doing”!

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