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Founder and Leader of the Democratic Republican Party, Anesia Baptiste.
Founder and Leader of the Democratic Republican Party, Anesia Baptiste.

Founder and Leader of the Democratic Republican Party, Anesia Baptiste has graduated from the University of London’s International Programmes with a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) with second class honours.

Baptiste, 33, who completed the programme in August 2013, was among hundreds of international students, who were present at the Barbican Centre in London, before Princess Anne — only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who is also the University of London’s Chancellor.

During the ceremony Vice Chancellor Sir Arthur Smith admonished students to use their educational qualifications not only for personal advancement but also to serve others.

Speaking of her success, Baptiste, a 1998 SVG National Scholar, said, “In leadership roles, it is always important to stay focused and to continue to build one’s competence in fields required for effective fulfilment of duty.

“I intend to use the knowledge gained in this programme to strengthen my service to all our people.

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“I feel privileged to be a graduate of the prestigious University of London which ranks 24th in the 2014 list of the world’s top 100 universities.

“I remain grateful to YHWH God and to those who have supported and helped me in tangible and intangible ways throughout this process and through all the changing scenes of my life,” said Baptiste, a former senator for the opposition New Democratic Party.

The LLB qualifies Baptiste to practice law in England and Wales, after the Bar Professional Training Course.

Baptiste has now added the LLB to her list of other academic achievements.

She is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in French (major) with linguistics (minor) from the University of the West Indies and a double master’s degree in hotel & tourism management from the Vatel Institute in Nimes and the University of Perpignan, Perpignan, South of France.

(UPDATE: This article was revised to remove a non-factual reference to Nelson Mandela)

8 replies on “DRP leader Anesia Baptiste graduates with law degree”

  1. Congrats on your accomplishment. But I think it’s safe to say that SVG needs more people with other degrees, what happen to maths, engineering, science. Lord knows we have too many lawyers walking around SVG, with degrees to spin words and find loopholes, we need more nation builders because no nation was ever built by spinning words all day long, we need more practical people.

    Too much lawyers in SVG and the region.

  2. Congratulations Anesia! You’re now a Lawyer in tandem with “all that you were”! But the “I feel privileged to be a graduate of the prestigious University of London which ranks 24th in the 2014 list of the world’s top 100 universities”… Do I really give a shit!
    If I’m to be impressed now that you are duly qualified to be a leader, because you went to the University Of London I aint!
    Not that you wouldn’t make a good leader; i’m not qualified to judge. But it’s so debilitating “ah carn see it”.

  3. Peter Binose says:

    You all don’t get it, she did it to piss off Gonsalves & Son, and it may even add to the cousins inferiority complex.

    Let there be no doubt this lady will give Gonsalves a run for his money, and she is miles in front of babydoc.

    Ralph Gonsalves told us if he works Obeah he only works Obeah for the Lord.

    This lady doesn’t work Obeah, there is nothing at all Satanic about her.

  4. Anesia Baptiste says:

    Anesia Baptiste is not a lawyer. The news story doesn’t say that. It says she graduated with a law degree.

  5. Anesia Baptiste says:

    The news story also plainly shows that Anesia Baptiste does not only have formal academic training in Law.

  6. Congratulations. At least her hair looks a bit sensible for once…oo wait my bad . It’s hidden under the hat. Lol

  7. Anesia Baptiste says:

    Seriously Bryan…sorry Peter Binose? Can you prove your claim that Anesia Baptiste (AB) did a law degree “to p*** off Gonsalves & Son, and it may even add to the cousins inferiority complex”?

    I mean, seriously? You really don’t know anything in that regard about AB. And how convenient eh? It must be to make the ULP mad eh? not the NDP too? lol.

    It is a good thing AB is above all that nonsense by God’s grace. Her vision is way beyond and above what seems to be your limited view and thinking. She doesn’t eat,drink, study and sleep PM Gonsalves and the ULP. She has the will of her heavenly father to fulfill and he is her guide, provider, helper and reason for success.

    For the record however (since she knows with whom she is dealing), both the ULP and the NDP party’s treatment of AB threatened her completion of the law degree she undertook as a part of continual personal competence building to serve humanity. In fact, it was Arnhim Eustace who put her on the bread line 3 weeks before major exams were due. Mind you she didn’t steal, destroy any property, didn’t harm anybody, infringed on nobody’s rights. The ULP administration did the same thing essentiallly (interdict from duties on half pay) after the 2009 referendum elections but the latter’s act (NDP) was worse, although I know you would rather not hear that.

    In this regard none treated her better than the other. So, please don’t pervert her noble motives with your seemingly partisan political agenda. She doesn’t find it amusing at all. And it doesn’t help that you attempt to somehow compliment her by comparing her to Gonsalves commentary on Obeah.

    It is high time for this nonsense in politics to cease in SVG. And while AB knows it will not be completely removed she insists on setting a different example. She is not interested in hypocrisy, nor in blind loyalties despite blatant, public wrong. So don’t try to ‘use’ her for your purposes. She knows you know the facts. She knows by now who you are even though you refused to identify yourself when she asked you last time (jokes).

    It is AB’s intention to use any knowledge gained continually in her academic study to fight for the protection of the God-given rights and freedoms of Vincentians and humanity generally, from the abuses of those in authority. And if it’s one thing she knows that you know, it is that she is no respector of persons and is consistent, regardless of who….

    N.B..third person use is AB’s deliberate choice.

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