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Step into life in Union Island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. As they take part in the participatory mapping exercise, witness the pride the Unionites feel about their home as they talk about what the island has to offer. Their concern and sadness can also be seen as they bring to light a changing way of life due to climate change and questionable planning decisions, which have had a severe impact on their environment.

This participatory mapping exercise, led by Sustainable Grenadines Inc. (SusGren), a local NGO, with support from TNC and CTA, is the second of its kind in the Caribbean under the theme ‘working with people and nature to find solutions to climate change’.

The locals have already started to adapt to their changing environment and it is clear that while they want to take advantage of employment opportunities offered by tourism, they are concerned with the future. This mapping process allowed them to come together with one voice to develop a plan of action for sustainable development underpinning the future of their island. The first step in this process has already been identified: reclaiming the degrading marina.

The film has been produced with funding provided by CTA. Director: Jess Phillimore

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2 replies on “VIDEO: Beneath the Surface — Mapping Union Island”

  1. Sherma, saying the people of Union Island are marginalized by mainland people is a horrible thing to say and has no place in a video showcasing Union Island.


  2. Sherma's Friend says:

    IF…Union Island has been marginalized, that happened under the NDP administration which THEY voted for, and continue to support.

    Actually, the SVG ULP Government has supported the Grenadines significantly more than any other administration has ever done in the nation’s history.

    In fact, without a doubt, more GOVERNMENT money has been spent in the Grenadines than in any other constituency on the mainland.

    So Sherma, get your facts straight, and STOP your ridiculous political gymnastics.

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