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Political unrest in Venezuela have left at least 29 people dead. (Internet photo)
Political unrest in Venezuela have left at least 29 people dead. (Internet photo)
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Vincentians should not gloat over the political unrest in Venezuela, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says, noting the financial benefits of his government’s close ties to Caracas.

“When they are egging people on, to gloat, to see the overthrow of the regime in Venezuela, what is going to happen to that money?” he told a press conference on Wednesday.

For over a month, intense protests against the Nicolas Maduro government’s handling of Venezuela’s affairs, have left at least 29 persons dead.

Gonsalves noted in a press conference on Wednesday that the EC$6 million farmer support programme launched earlier this month, is being funded by Petrocaribe, Venezuela’s oil alliance with several Caribbean nations.

The opposition New Democratic Party has said that if elected to office, it would withdraw from Petrocaribe.

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Gonsalves, who is also Minister of Finance, further said that Petrocaribe is funding the government’s EC$1.5 million Supportive Education and Training (SET) programme.

SET will see 106 Community College and university graduate complete paid, one-year internships at Central Government and statutory agencies.

He further said that half of the EC$21 million for the reconstruction of houses for victims of the Christmas floods will come from Petrocaribe.

“Un-sign it? Well the people have a choice in front of them,” Gonsalves said.

“The next thing I hear them saying, if there is a change in Venezuela, you mightn’t have any money there. I always tell them this: these small countries in the Caribbean have always had to look for spaces in order to survive and thrive. We got a space with banana subsidy from Britain for donkey years — for many years; that is now no longer.

“So what you will do? When you are enjoying that space, to say, ‘Boy, we shouldn’t be enjoying this space because it might come to an end?” Gonsalves said.

“So, the logic of that, because it might come to an end, you don’t enjoy the space? Therefore, what you must do, when you have your life, don’t live it well and sensibly and don’t have enjoyment or anything, because, boy, yo’ going dead, yo’ know.

“I just don’t know what happen to some people; they just don’t put on their thinking cap with anything. There is a space, I enjoy the space and I look to support the space,” he told reporters.


7 replies on “Gonsalves urges Vincentians not to rejoice over unrest in Venezuela”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Thank God, the freedom-loving people of Venezuela are trying to take back their country from the Chavista thugs. Let the counter-revolution spread its wings!

  2. Peter Binose says:

    Well I am surprised by this crap espoused by Gonsalves, he really is something else.

    Kenton I am disappointed that you have not published “CARICOM SUPPORTS VENEZUELA WHILST STUDENTS ARE SHOT BY CUBAN SNIPERS“.

    No one is gloating at young people who wanted to protest peacefully being turned into young criminals because they do not support the Marxist revolution. They are being shot in the street by government paid thugs and Cuban professionals.

    In fact there is a good chance that the people in this very photograph are not even protesters more than likely Cubans or Venezuelan paid militia. Paid to stir up the students so as they can have a good reason to shoot them down like dogs.

    Gonsalves has fully exposed his hand in this article. He is only worried about the money. He doesn’t care a damn about the atrocities that are taking place. He doesn’t care a damn that people in Venezuela are starving, you can kill them all but give us the money.

    Gonsalves says whilst the protesters are being egged on. They don’t need to be egged on. They are living in a society that was rich in Oil and they have seen it handed out to regional governments such as the one led by Gonsalves. There hasn’t been a piece of beef in the shops for several years. No medication, no toilet rolls, no sanitary napkins for ladies, no food in the shops. All of Hugo Chavez’s family are still implanted in all the major industries and business’s. The whole of industry is grinding to a halt.

    Corruption is rife and current inflation is over 53%, and Gonsalves talks about people egging on the protesters. They need no encouragement at all except their Venezuelan experience under a scum Marxist regime.

    When I was recently in Venezuela again, a buddy of mine pointed out there were almost no fat people there, but there were plenty that looked emaciated. For a house wife to acquire food she must line up outside supermarkets waiting for a delivery to arrive, and sometimes is doesn’t.

  3. Patrick Ferrari, you don’t add your respected voice often enough here. But thank goodness when you do its down to being factually spot on correct.

    C ben- David, thanks for your support for the reistablishment of decency in Venezuela.

  4. Gonsalves does not care about the people of Venezuela; all he cares about is their money. Whether they die on the streets of Caracas fighting dictatorship and incompetence, battling very high cost of living; enduring hardship everywhere, airlines pulling out; these are of little concern to Gonsalves. Its all about him and what he can get from Venezuela. So shameful!

  5. Okay, so the Prime Minister is only concern about the money his government is receiving from the tax payers of Venezuela, who are been abused the the ruling government there. Let’s not forget, just because you’re receiving money from someone does not mean you should turn a blind eye to their bad dealings… I wonder if the Prime Minister would feel the same way about getting money from the drug cartels of Mexico… I doubt it.

    Stand with the people of Venezuela.

  6. tell gonsalves we ARE rejoicing but it saddens us to see that so many have to give their lives to help their country and fellowmen country men to regain their freedom , we also know the old saying ´ when you see your neighbors house on fire help him put it out but at the same time wet yours ‘ would help explain why HE cant afford to rejoice . What is that ah smelling in svg , is it smoke or just s ?? .
    St kitts cant send police to svg because the government dont have the mandate and every other caricom country is reluctant and the Venezuelans have their hands full of their own problems they have no time for him if he was to call for help .

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