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Revolver Shooting
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Police are investigating yet another shooting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the fourth in the past three weeks, two of which have resulted in deaths.

Edson Timm, 18 of Diamond, was shot on the right side of his face by an unknown assailant at Diamond on Thursday, police have said.

The shooting of the youngster came just four days after the attempted murder of Nigel Regisford, a 44-year-old farmer of Biabou, who was shot in his left leg at Calder.

Campden Park fisherman Nolly Jack, 45, was shot and killed by an unidentified assailant along the road to Lowman’s Bay on March 22, while a masked attacker shot an killed Paul’s Avenue resident, Kwasi Ryan, 24, in his yard on March 17.

I-Witness News does not know if the shootings are related.

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3 replies on “18-year-old youth shot in the face”

  1. Ann-Marie John says:

    Whether vincentians wants to believe this or it it’s true ” when we have a leader that is corrupt the people will mourn” this country is going through turbulence because of the corruption and victimization that is going on. So people are desperate . ” the weapons are speaking for us”.

    1. annmarie you need to take a step back in your life and see where the hell you came from .and stop call down on the leader of your country.

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