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The omnibus that was involved in the collision. (Internet photo)
The omnibus that was involved in the collision. (Internet photo)
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Four persons remained hospitalised on Monday after a car and an omnibus collided on the Argyle public road on Saturday.

Police said on Monday that motor vehicle R1078, a car owned by Standford Thomas of Prospect and driven by Junior Simon of Calder, and motor vehicle HE851, an omnibus owned by Reynold Castello of Owia and driven by Alan Greaves of Owia, collided while travelling in opposite directions.

Three passengers in HE851 and one person in R1025 sustained injuries and are warded at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Police say their investigation of the accident is on-going.

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4 replies on “Four persons hospitalised after collision at Argyle”

  1. Murdooooooooooooooo. All that is coming out of Vincy these days is bloodshed and bad news. What is going on? We need to pray for SVG because this isn’t normal. It’s like there is a curse on the country. God help us.

    1. Joseph Forte says:

      Stupid Blane, accident happens, that’s all it is. Although it may be tragic, accidents happens all the time as long as there are people driving on the roads, no matter what country it is. So stop your nonsense as if St. Vincent should be immune from something like this happening there. You idiot!

  2. Although it does happen to innocent ppl sumtimes..
    but ppl need to start to cheerish dem life cause dem aint kno wah goin happen to dem in the future

    ppl does be laughing after vagrants in the streets
    and i does be like, yow dem was youths once, sum dem was even brighter than sum alyo
    but them must of make sum wrong choices down the line and ended up like that
    this children need to watch an dont make those kinda mistake

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